VB5: An Oldie.

I have asked this question before but didn't receive a satisfactory response.  This function keeps coming up for me though and it would really be nice to have a solution for it.

You only get the points for a complete and correct answer.

I would like a function that will delete a directory and all of its files and subdirectories.  

Sounds easy right?  It has to work.  No error messages.  No unexpected behavior.  All files must be deleted.

Please submit source code in VB5 so that I may run and test it.

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go to http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/ and search for "delete directory".  Only change I would make to this code is to check any file attributes that would cause the  vb "kill" command to fail and change them with SetAttr first.

Does this function need to work in Win NT?  I have a very basic function usuing a shelled
deltree command, that works in Win95.  It works because Win95 includes the DOS deltree command.  I have a VB5 sample app that uses the code, which I can email to you, just email me with your email address at: dperry@rapidtrack.com .  If you need it to work in NT, let me know, I have code mostly written for a non-deltree way of doing it.

:) D Perry
You should not lock the question if you are not provide an answer.

lankfordAuthor Commented:

I need this to work on all 32-bit Windows platforms.

lankfordAuthor Commented:
Aaahhh.  Exxxcellent!

Mr. Burns
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