Exchange not accepting attachments

Do you know anything about the following:

Using Exchange version 4 and when I want to attach a document to my e-mail, I will click on the paperclip and attach the file.  I can also choose the Insert menu option. That is cool but then if I try to do to attach something in another message, like a second message, I cannot do it.  I am being ignored......I have to log out of Exchange and log in again to do be able to do it.  The only way I can attach a document is to cut and paste it.

These are only 1 or 2 page text documents from Word.  They are different documents each time.

Any ideas on why this is happening?
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ombConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using Microsoft Windows 95 try the following:

Method 1
1. In Microsoft Exchange, click New Message on the Compose menu.
2. Enter the address and subject information in the To and Subject boxes.
3. Type the text you want in the body of the message.
4. Start Windows Explorer.
5. In Windows Explorer, use the right mouse button to click a file you want to attach to the message, and then click Copy on the menu that appears.
6. Use the right mouse button to click anywhere in the body of the Microsoft Exchange message, and then click Paste on the menu that appears.
7. Repeat steps 5-6 for each file you want to attach.
8. Send the message normally.
Method 2
1. Start Windows Explorer.
2. Click the files you want to attach to a Microsoft Exchange message.
3. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient.
4. Enter the address and subject information in the To and Subject boxes.
5. Type the text you want in the body of the message.
6. Send the message normally.

Hope this helps.
What size (TOTAL) in kilobytes are the messages you are trying
to send? Have you sent yourself any "test" messages with file
attachments? If so, have they arrived intact? When did this
problem START? Was it corresponding to you`re switching to Exchange 4, or have you been using Exchange all along with no
problems? *Some* ISPs impose a kb-limit on email-size. Another
thing comes to mind: you SHOULD have "Connect using network",
NOT "Connect using modem" selected under the "Connection" tab   if you have a standard PPP dial-up connection to the internet, otherwise, your mail client will tend to work only when you
first log-on or log-off;-)Lastly, check and see if your Exchange
client has an option to "Leave mail on server"...make sure this
box is *NOT* checked as your email disk space will start to fill
up, causing both you and your ISP problems. Let me know if this solves your problem and I`ll re-submit it as an answer.

baileycyAuthor Commented:
Thanks OMB, I know that you can do the "Send To" option and I know you can use the Cut and Paste method but I am sort of heading in the direction of people not having to do that when there is a button or an Insert option to use (that is people for you, always complaining....) but thank you anyway.

In regards to your comment TYLOX, this problem is so inconsistent.  Users are doing nothing unusual when trying to send attachments via e-mail.

I tried this morning again.  I clicked on the paper clip button and attached a Word document that was 11KB in size.  It attached to my message and I sent it to myself.  Then I created another e-mail message and tried to attach another document and my click on the paper clip icon was ignored.  If I Exit and Log Off and come back in again, it will work.

The send limit is 500 KB and the Storage limit is 5MG.  All of my folders are empty so it can't be a storage problem.

My connection says "Connect using the newtork".

I am using a PC with 64 MG RAM.
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baileycyAuthor Commented:
I also forgot to say that this was happening when I was hosted on a diffferent server to the one I am now and it was happened before and after the upgrade to Exchange 4.

And the messages that I have sent myself have arrived in tact.

The "leave mail on server" option is not checked.
That IS pretty weird...I`m going to try and reproduce the prob-
lem on my own setup and see what(if anywthing) I can come up with
for you. You say in order to send a second message with an atta-
chment, you have to "exit and log-off" you mean simply close-out Exchange, or do you actually have to disconnect from
your ISP?? After you sent the FIRST email, can you verify that
it is in your "sent items" folder, and not still sitting in your
"outbox"? Another thing I might suggest is that, in the mean-
time, have you tried another e-mail client, eg, the client that
comes with Netscape, ect, and tried to send several messages
with attachments using that? If you can send multiple emails
w/attachments using ANOTHER client from the same computer and
the *same* ISP, account, and mailserver, then you might have
a misconfigured Exchange client on your hands. One last thought
before I log-off for the evening...many ISPs have *seperate*
outgoing and incoming a pinch I can route my
"outgoing" mail to their "incoming" server and it works, but
I might have a problem if I tried to send several larger-than
normal emails through the wrong server. Double check that you
have the correct machine names for both the outgoing and incom-
ing mailservers, if your ISP is set up that way.

   I am still working on the problem...I haven`t been able to
re-create it on my machine. I`ve sent myself multiple emails
with 45kb attachments at least 6 times in rapid succession
using both Windows Messaging Ver 4 (the OSR2 "replacement"
for MS Exchange), AND repeated the process with MS Internet Mail.
It simply refuses to malfunction;-)I am in the process of try-
ing to consult people with specialized knowledge in Exchange
in an attempt to expedite an answer for you. BTW, if OMB`s answer
did not solve your problem, you should reject it so as to open
your question back up to both myself and others. Currently,
you question appears "answered" to any expert perusing the open
questions. Two(or more) heads are better than one, and it would
behoove you to have as many experts working on your problem
as possible. I leave you,
                  puzzled but determined,
baileycyAuthor Commented:
I have spoken to a guy who is supposively an "Exchange Expert" and even he said that it was wierd and I sat with him for ages doing all sorts of combinations in regards to sending attachments and we could come up with nothing.   I am starting to think that cut and paste will have to do it.  I start a month's holidays tonight and so tylox, I am giving you the points for your determination.....if you are still that determined, you can e-mail me at
baileycyAuthor Commented:
oopps...I have given points to the wrong person!!!!!
Yeah, I SEE that 8-(  Maybe you can post a message in customer
service(assign this "question" 0 points) and get the question
opened back up again. Don`t feel pressured to award ANYBODY any
points until your problem is SOLVED. Even though you may not
have actually "paid" for the points, they DID "cost" you (symbol
ically-speaking),and so you are entitled to a SOLUTION.
   BTW, you say you are using Exchange version 4, would this
be "MS Windows Messaging" ?? If so, do you have any Fax service
tied-in with it? Windows Messaging is, IMHO, a bit of a pain-in
the-you-know-what if you have any MS Fax services installed.
I, myself prefer MS Internet Mail, and RARELY use Messaging,
and found that I was far better-off simply removing any fax
services from Messaging, as every time I opened Messaging (what
you call "Exchange", I assume?)the damn fax software would try
to launch and it wouldn`t send email without first trying to
fax somewhere(which, of course, would be impossible since my
modem was busy trying to send email;)Check and see what fax
service, if any, you have installed in Messaging. If you don`t
need it, remove the service, and try sending email w/attachments
to yourself can always re-install MS Fax from your
win95 CD. (Yeah, I KNOW it`s a longshot, but if your MS fax
is trying to hold your outgoing email in queue, it MIGHT be the
cause of your having to log-off and close Exchange before you
can send another message.
baileycyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tylox, I will raise that with customer service and see what I can do about your points....I am really sorry about that.

yes, it is version 4, but it is not Windows Messaging (that comes with 95, this is the full blown version of Exchange) and no, we don;t have any fax services set up at all.
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