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I have a Powermac G3 at home and a PC with Win95 and I'd like to connect them (either via serial cable or thru ethernet cable  (twisted pair without hub)). Now I d ont know  which protocol I should use (wether IPX or Tcp/ip ) .
Or can I use Virtual PC  an my Mac with Win 95 to connect them directly? Need urgently an answer?
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Use TCP/IP.  It's easier for the Mac, and personally I think its easier for the win95 machine.  Connect them with an ethernet crossover cable, regardless of whether you try to use Virtual PC or not on the Mac.

Assign each a unique IP address on the same subnet and they should talk to each other.   (ex. and  make the subnet mask

You may be able to get Virtual PC to recognize your network card and let you access the network, but this was not the case with me.  Of course I have a PowerBase 180 with a Kingston Fast Ethernet card, so I wasn't too surprised when it didn't work...
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Just monitoring question ?

IPIERCE, Can you explain me why you use Virtual PC ?
I thought that virtual PC was an PC emulator for the POwer Mac.

At the moment I use an Perfoma 630 with system 7 that's connected via a crosslinked UPT (ethernet) cable to my PC running Windows NT4.0 workstation. ALL WITHOUT A HUB AND VIRTUAL PC but with some extra soft on the PC.
The PowerBase 180 is a PowerMac.
VirtualPC is cheaper (and cheaper to upgrade [true PC thinking]) than another box on the desk.

p05010...why do you have a Performa? You can get a real Mac for cheap now. And when you get that 3rd'll need a hub.

Two PC's on my desk is enough :-)

By the way, I use PC-Maclan from miramar software.
It is also cheap because it runs only on the pc and emulates the  Apple Talk protocol. it's availeble for NT and Win95.

The tcp/ip link only works (is triggered) when networking software (like IE3) is started on the mac. That's probably the problem you had, so installing a pc emulator program  on the mac with networking functionality will trigger the mac. :-)

Note: In fact I have Three computers, there's a real PC board in my MAC. :-)

And Leonhard,
Look for PC-MAClan from miramar software or download a demo, worth trying it.
This will work but you need software on top to transfer the files. It depends how complex you want to get. Set one machine up as a web serever will give you some file exchange. So will an ftp server on the PC. You can use on of the remote control programs including the new one from the oracle/olivetti (VNC) at
You can use TCP/ip to connect both  pc and mac, but you won't be able to share the files acros, because of different file system.
There is a software avilable for that purpose, it is for Win95
you can get more info about the software at:

let me know if this was any help

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