Anyone recommend a good SCSI controller

Posted on 1998-07-28
Last Modified: 2010-04-26
I am considering purchasing a SCSI controller.

What make should I look for, what features should it support, how many devices will it support etc?
I am confused as to why one adaptor might cost $100 and another "good" one, $300.

I have an external zip drive that works like a dog, going to buy a CD-R, and soon maybe a SCSI hard drive.

Question by:mr_t25
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Accepted Solution

wayneb earned 50 total points
ID: 1121747
In my opinion the best scsi controller is adaptec 2940uw or u, I have them in many file servers and there i/o is the fastest I have seen of any scsi controller, There are different cards because they support different speeds, there is scsi, scsi-2, scsi-w and scsi-3 ultra wide, there are many types of 2940's starting the low end is the 2940 it can support only 8 devices and 10Mbs if you want higher then you will have to pay a little more money and obtain and ultra controller this to will support 8 devices by at 20Mbs, then there is the ultra wide controllers this are amazing cards supporting up to 15 devices at 40Mbs, If you where only going to have zip and cdrom writer then a lesser card may do the trick, but if you are going to add harddrives also then I would go with the uw (ultra wide)with a harddrive that is also ultra wide, all scsi is downward compatible but if you want the performance that scsi can give you then your only choice is to go to Uw with uw Harddrive.  What ever you decide make sure you get a bus mastering pci controller, like the adaptec 2940uw I have seen oem versions of the card for $180.00 and it is plug and play and support natively by windows 95/98 it is a very fast and relieable controller, And comes with lifetime warranty, always fresh drivers are available and great tech support.  If you require more info let me know. Scsi devices are not very cheap compared to there ide friends, but ide can execute only one command at time and scsi can que commands and execute at the same time.  Scsi will always blow away ide in every respect.

Author Comment

ID: 1121748
Thanks for that, very informative.

Briefly, I run several programs in my win'98 interface.  I have a stockmarket program open, recording share prices in real time, about 100 prices every 2 min, a real time stock market price quote software, MS Word, MS Excel, Netscape (3 screens) and Outlook Express open every weekday between 9am and 5pm.  The recording of share prices every 2 min beween morning and evening is probably putting a strain on the system, but is working surprising well so far.  I am using 64 EDO Ram, 200 mhz Cyrix 6x86.

However, when I set the system to record 2000 prices every 2 min for 8 hours, funnily enough the disk was thrashing like nobodys business.  I think it may have damaged 1 of my Western Digital hard drives, and another Quantum in the process.  Would a SCSI device really help me in this situation?  I graph a lot of stocks in real time, and therefore switching between applications can be a pain as the system is always requiring access to the hd, which of course is busy with saving data, beit 100 shares or 2000 shares every 2 mins.

I only have a 2 meg Diamond VRam card, but my new system next week will be a PII 400 mhz, 128 SD Ram, and a good graphics card (still deciding between Matrox G100 + Ochid R 3dfx Voodoo II 12 megs, or just an AGP Matrox G200 with 8 megs.  I play the odd game every few weeks, but of course business applications are more important.  Probably the G200?

Any more suggestions?

Author Comment

ID: 1121749
Oh by the way, can I get my existing Zip drive to work with a SCSI interface, it its a parallel port one only?  People say I cant, but surely I can just plug this in the SCSI socket at the back, like any other port?


Expert Comment

ID: 1121750
You will need the iomega parallel to scsi adapter, because they are two different standards.

Author Comment

ID: 1121751
Ok, could you comment on my 2nd and 3rd paragraph questions?


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