How many hits?


What is the best way to get more statistics about a
company (without having to pay a lot for the info)?
I am especially interested in how many hits search
engines like AltaVista, Hotbot etc. get per month.
Media Metrix and 100Hot show the most visited sites,
but for more statistics one has to pay.

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ndnetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I like Their totally free service is very helpful and includes the visitor's color depth and resolution, browser, OS, Java and Javascript staus, and more. You can find out where your hits came from, as well. It is at

I use it on my new computer-related web site directory, NDNET, at
zinkAuthor Commented:
I think that TheCounter is an excellent service, but I could not find any information about search engines. And that is really what I am looking for.
If you are on, say, HotBot, go to Hotbot and get to your site through it with thecounter code on your page. Then check back at TheCounter's Referer Page after you login. It should say HotBot on there somewhere.
zinkAuthor Commented:
I have tried it and it works. Thanks again ndnet!
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