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outlook 98 and MS MAIL

rhomer asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-08
Upgrading from Outlook 97 to 98 has left me without ms mail capability.  There used to be a menu in tools, services where u could add and ms mail service.  Internet email is fine.  My configuration uses a network share drive that contains the Post office box for msmail.  I dont's think ms mail has a pop3 incoming nor smtp outgoing mailbox so...As a workaround, i am using MSMAIL.exe old ms mail client executable.  In outlook 97 I could actually add my full network path to the PO box and it worked.  Now with Outlook 98 I'm not sure how to add the service.  Please help.
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You can download an update to windows messaging that will bring back the Msmail Dlls that are needed to add the service back Goto the link below and download the file and double click on it and it will install msmail services and dlls, It will not over write any outlook files, but just add what is missing from the configuration.  

[Go Here]

[Download This File]

Run the program and you will have all services back.

Please try this before you reject this answer as it will solve your problem.  

The download is about 3 megs but is worth having if it works and I believe it will as I have had to use it in the past to solve a problem just like you are having.

Good Luck
Let me know.


Well, I downloaded the file.  Says it's only applicable to win/95.  I'm a little hesistant to try it.  I'm using NT 4.0 workstation.  I am missing the Inbox icon.  I'll look in my CDROM to figure out how to install the inbox client.

You did not say you were using Nt as this file is for win95 only, but if you goto cpl add/remove then windows nt setup you should see windows messaging at the bottom where you can add it to your system.  And hopefully this will solve your problems.

Good Luck, sorry about the wrong file, I assumed you were using win95 and not Nt.


to wayneb:
I checked my Windows Messaging Install in NT.  I have Internet Mail, Microsoft Mail and Windows messaging installed already.  I don't have an actual Inbox Icon anymore since Outlook 98 took over.  Outlook has it's own Inbox.  Can u simply tell me this.   What does your Outlook 98 tools menu look like?
From the bottom, mine starts with options, Accounts, forms.   I used to have a selection for services.  That's missing.
Also the Control Panel does have a Microsoft Mail Post Office selection.  It asks if i want to administer or create another PO Box. ????
Funny thing is this was working with outlook 97. I am going to try reinstalling outlook 98.
Despair :<

Make sure you do a custom install and install the workgroup addon when you do, a simple install will not do it must be custom and select the components that you need. You will have to have workgroup and corparate setup.


It Works!  Resubmit your last comment as an answer and i will grade it.
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