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zeus_akkali asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
iam writing a cgi application in vb4 and vbscript.I have two questions and i want the answers soon i will give all the points i have got.The questions are-
1)if you want to send the data of a form you can do it using the submit button but my problem is i want to send the data present in a textbox to the cgi executable using a LINK and not a submit button.

2)In VBscript iam a able to display a messagebox or a inputbox in the client machine but iam not able to display a user defined input box that is what i want to do is display a user defined input box asking them to enter login and password and when they do so i want to validate in a access database residing in the server.Please answer me with code for this question.

right now i have 115 points in my account and i am giving all that to these questions.Please answer me soon.I need to get my CGI moving.

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submitting a form using a link can be done in javascript:

<form name="form1">
.formdata..(you don't need a button)

<a href="Javascript:document.form1.submit()">click here to submit the form</a>

For that you will need an ActiveX control that does the work client side. You can try to use a popup window (small new browser window) which asks for username password.

I use this function to open such popups:

<script language=javascript>
function OpenSmallWindow(page,width,height,windowname) {
   params = new Array(page,windowname)
   Features = "toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,width=" + width + ",height=" + height + ",resizable=yes"
   window.open(params[0], params[1], Features);

A window popups then for example with:

<a href="Javascript:OpenSmallWindow('example.htm',400,250,'AnyName')">click here</a>

The parameters to pass are: url, width, height, nameofthewindow

zeus, why is it that you come asking for help when you need it, but then completely ignore your responsibility to grade the questions afterward? You've only graded one, let two more autograde to C, and have 2 more that will be autograded to C soon, for example my answer to https://www.experts-exchange.com/topics/comp/www/cgi/Q.10059469

If you want experts to spend their time helping you, then please have the courtesy to thank them by grading their help.


Sorry alamo,I was rally busy and forgot to grade your answer in fact the answer given by you in all cases were wonderful and this time also my answer is the same.I will garde this question after a couple more days as i want to give more points to you and also i had an extension of the question-

1)can you tell me how and from where can i get the activeX control which can help me to develop apassword protected site as experts-exchange.com.In fact i want to simulate what expert exchange.com do.IN SHORT ISHOULD BE ABLE TO DISPLAY A WINDOWS DIALOG BOX WITH TEXT BOXES AND BUTTONS(A REGUALR FORM IN VB) ON  THE CLIENT SIDE OF THE CGI APPLICATION.PLEASE TELL ME HOW CAN I DO THAT,IF THE ANSWER IS ACTIVEX CAN I GET IT FROOM NET OR DO I DEVELOP IN VB IF SO HOW?

I Know this is a long and difficult question I promise that his time I will give aminimum of 200 points but right now i have increased the points to 120 another few days and i will give you more points.

A big sorry agian,Thank you,



Adjusted points to 120

You should know that client side ActiveX works in MSIE but not in other browsers. So you probably don't want to use it for login. Only MSIE users will be able to login.


I know that and in fact I have made the activex myself.Thanks for your help.


I know that and in fact I have made the activex myself.Thanks for your help.I am not getting the options too grade this quetion.Do tell me so that i can grade you and expect future answers from experts.
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