How to print a CBitmap with print and print preview?

I have a CBitmap in a CView. When I try to print it, I only have a small black rectangle. When I used print preview it's ok but my CBitmap is too small. I know that I must convert it to a DIB but how can I transfert a CBitmap to a DIB and how can I make my DIB use the entire page?

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trestanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pls see the following instructions for convert BMP to DIB:
Good luck.
Also pls refer to the online help at:
Platform SDK -> Graphics and Multimedia Services -> 2-D Graphics -> Printing and Print Spooler -> Printing a Document
Also extremely useful is StretchDIBits.  Once you have a DIB, stretch the bitmap to the page to get the printed size you want.

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