getting rid of win 95

i recently purchased win 98
but know i have very little hard drive left,
can i reformat my computer and only install
and if so,how do i go about doing it?
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dankhConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   Insert your Dos installation disk and boot up.  Exit the setup to a command prompt.  Use FORMAT to reformat your existing harddrive.  Reboot the machine with the setup disk.  Use FDISK to create partitions.

If you need more info, exit the Dos setup to a prompt and type help.  This will bring up a dos help menu with all the commands.  

   Just run your Win98 setup CDrom and it will give you instructions from there.
Only if you bought the FULL version (about $180)If bought the Win98 UPGRADE, you will need to install it over Win95. As far
as running short on HD space goes, wouldn`t it be easier to
delete the seldom-used space-hogs and make some room, rather
than wipe the drive altogether? As far as going about installing
Win98, that is a whole `nother chapter...let us know if you run
into any problems;-)
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leanmachineAuthor Commented:
i forgot to mention i also have win98 plus
but what im really looking for is,
the dos command for reformatting.
thank you to all who can make sense of this.
leanmachineAuthor Commented:
when i type FORMAT i get "paremeter missing"
by the way thanks for the help last time dankh
The parameter that is missing is the drive letter;-)
Try format C:
leanmachineAuthor Commented:
thank you tylox ill try your answer.
fingers are crossed. hehe
leanmachineAuthor Commented:
 when i type format c: i get a message,
microsoft windows drvspace tool. can anyone make anything of that? i sure need to reformat this ive tried deleting, but out of 2gbs all i still have is 583mbs and i run a lot slower now, that i installed win98. i welcome all advice thanks.

  You don't have drivespace enabled on your current configuration in 95, do you?  If so, unenable it.  
leanmachineAuthor Commented:
i couldnt tell you, how would i unenable it?
A word of advice to leanmachine:
   That drivespace thing that stopped you from formatting your
HD may have been a blessing in disguise...I sincerely mean no
offense, but from the sound of it, I would say that you are
pretty inexperienced. Before you format that drive, make 100%
CERTAIN that you have a viable boot disk for bringing it back
to life!!! By viable, I mean, that in addition to all your
necessary system files, you *MUST* also have both your cd-rom
drivers and your MSCDEX on the boot disk, additionally, you
will need to create an autoexec.bat and config.sys file (with
notepad)that "call" those drivers and load them into memory
as the machine is booting, otherwise, while your computer may
boot, it will not "see" the CD-rom drive. Since your OS is
probably on CD, you would be dead in the water without it. If
you have one of those off-the-shelf systems, you may already
have a viable boot disk...test it FIRST, *BEFORE* you format
your HD, and SEE if your D: drive works...just go to the dos
prompt and type D:  then hit enter...if you see D:\ with a
blinking cursor then you are okay, if it says "invalid drive
specification" then your CD-rom drivers and MSCDEX aren`t
loading for some reason, and you must not proceed with the
format until you can get the D: drive to work from your boot
disk!! On "drivespace"...if you have drivespace enabled that
means you are using disk-compression...NOT a good thing! You
either need a bigger hard drive or simply keep less stuff on
it. Compression slows things down and can cause complications.
Good luck.
leanmachineAuthor Commented:
 thanks tylox , i was told that compression sped things up,
my comp is a legend suprem 1555, packard bell. i wanted to
upgrade to win 98, so i bought it and win98 plus, when i was done my comp was lagging big time. so when i heard that compression would speed it up i did. apparently, not a good thing.
so maybe ill just reformatt win95 and sh.t box the win98.
thanks for your time, if you have anymore comments, im all
ears. THANKS AGAIN......
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