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Ambiant Music for Multimedia CD

efortier asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-12
I know this is utterly unrelated, but no music topic exists!

I need some relaxing music for a CD project. I'm looking for royalties free music, which I can use on a commercial CD. I need a few tracks (about 3, 3-4 minutes long each) which would be used as a relaxing music, ie: light pan flute over flowing rivers, that kind of thing.

I cannot just use commercial music without breaking the copyright thingy, sadly. Any of these on the net? I went to Kosmic.org to check their MP3, but their music is more technoish.

ANY ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I would think that Classical music by the great composers is
long out of copyright. Another thought is, if you`ve found music
that you really like but it is copyrighted, it wouldn`t hurt to
ask the copyright-holder for permission to use it...some may say
OK, as long as proper credit is given. You may even want to in-
quire about liscensing the piece(s)...it may not be as expensive
as you think. Either way, you really should consult an attorney
who specializes in copyright issues...just to cover yourself. I
have seen many sites on the `Net that have "free" music for D/L,
but many of them have the "This stuff is assumed to be public
domain, if you are the author, let me know and we will remove
the piece"-disclaimer, some sites don`t even bother with a disclaimer, so you can`t REALLY be sure if you are safe using
D/L`d music. The site-owner can remove the offending piece easily
enough, but you would have a tough time removing it from your CDs

Try this link
or here
or here
and another

Most of these above entail a one time purchase of CD. This may be the ONLY 100% safe and legal way to obtain truly royalty free music. I have found many sites similar to these.

If you DL Midi's the composition may be out of copywrite by the arrangement may still have some royalty stipulations...be very carefull.

John C. Cook

above where I said,"by the arrangement" that should be "but the arrangement". Sorry

John C. Cook


Thanks John Cook! Please post your complete listing, and I will grade you right away with an A!

Thanks again for the leads. Also thanks to Tylox.
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thanks! It's quite nice!!!

Thank you efortier,
I hope you find what you are looking for.

John C. Cook
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