overloading << operator with variable args

is it possible to overload the insertion operator << with variable number of arguments.It would be very
helpful if someone explains with an example.the MS VC++ compiler does not even allow the declation but why??
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alexoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you cannot.
The reason is that when you overload operators, you can only change the functionality and the types of the arguments, *not* the number of arguments, precedence or associativity.

In other words, the built-in operator<<() takes one argument, so all overloaded operators must follow that convention.
kalvAuthor Commented:
is it possible to write a member function to overload it,i know to do it as a friend.
kalvAuthor Commented:
  if i write it as a friend it takes two args,one for the loperand and the other
for the roperand.but how do you do it as a member function?
kalvAuthor Commented:
please explain me with an example to write it as a member function
kalvAuthor Commented:
iam ready to give 10 points.
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