Higher table level required

If I open a table in the database desktop and simply try to save it, even without changing anything, I get the error "higher table level required".

What does this mean?
And what can I do about it (because saving is impossible)?
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venksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dear zoroaster
The BDE default for paradox is not Version 7.This is the reason you get this error.
GO the BDE administrator and change the  paradox driver level to 7.
I had experienced the same problem long back with Delphi 2.
Hope this solves the problem
? Zoroaster, sorry never heard of this error...

What tables are you using.
What version of bde?
Is it the database desktop of BDE?

ZoroasterAuthor Commented:
I use Paradox tables and the BDE from Delphi 3.0.
Yes, it is the db desktop of BDE.
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Version of Paradox tables?
PS. You can download at inprise a free upgrade to bde5.0
ZoroasterAuthor Commented:
Paradox version  7.0
ZoroasterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, man.
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