DIM to mini-DIM connector?

I have a keyboard that terminates in a DIM connector.  Sadly, most of the computers I see have mini-DIM ports.  Is there a DIM to mini-DIM connector?  And if so, can be bought at Radio Shack or some other major electronics/computer store?
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OeilNoirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes that kind of adaptor exist. you will be probably find that at a radio shack or any others computer store.
(hint: Radio shack prices are usualy higher, i would try somewhere else 1st)

wigginAuthor Commented:
I found it at Best Buy.  Walmart also carries it.  It was called a PS/2 to AT adapter.
good=) you checked at radioshak? hehe i want to know how much more they wanted for =)
wigginAuthor Commented:
radio shack didn't have anything.  best buy wanted eight bucks.  walmart had it for four.
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