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C++ calculator program-using classes and linked lists  source code.

punnu asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
i would like to get access to a source code for a calculator program using classes, and linked lists, it should be a recursive adt, it must be able to (+,-,*,/), and read in any number of expressions, and evaluate them, example "6*8/5-2*3", if i could get access to this it would greatly be apreciated, i have been working on the program for some weeks now, it is really difficult to learn this stuff on your own, and have finally give up, but if i could see the code anytime within the next two, three days it would help alot, thanks alot,
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There is an example for this in Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language".

It will be easier for us to help you if you post what you did, and ask specific questions about it.

If this is for a class we cannot provide a complete solution.  That is in violation of our customer service agreement with EE.  But we can answer specific questions.  we can look over your work and make suggestions.
I wrote a calculator program once, back in the days of DOS, it does what you ask for plus some.  However, the way you state your question really does make it sound like a homework assignment (I truly wouldn't know what kind of homework you'd get because I'm only a freshmen in high school, but...)
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Answers2k - Are you hoping for an autograde or something?  If you want to try to wake the tired person up, you should just post a comment.

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