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Uninstalling Yamaha XG SoftSynthesizer in W98

EricCartman asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I have been playing Final Fantasy VII under W95 using the Yamaha XG SoftSynthesizer that comes with the program.

I recently installed a new hard disk and have also upgraded to W98. Somewhere along the line I lost the uninstall information for the synthesizer program, and despite following the instructions in the "readme" file (which directs you to delete various .dll files and others) when I try to reinstall the synth it tells me that the "configuration files" report that I have not uninstalled the earlier version, and I'm unable to proceed.

I've gone through the registry, deleting (carefully!) all references to the .dll files involved, and have checked the system.ini and win.ini files among others. I can't find any reference to the synth on my system, yet the installer says that it's still there!

Any ideas where else I can look?

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   You say the program is no longer listed in the Add/Remove option?  Have you searched for an uninstall file in the yamaha's folder?  Have you tried booting into SafeMood and installing?  Can you install this in Dos?

Do you have TweakUI installed?

One more thing:

  Did you check ControlPanel/Multimedia to see if widows was still using this driver?  If it is, remove it.


To answer each point in turn -

When I transferred files from one hard drive to another the "add remove" list was cleared completely!
The uninstall option in the program's folder didn't work.
I'll try installing in safe mode, and then I'll have a crack at DOS and let you know how I get on.
Windows 98 is using the Creative MIDI driver that came with my system.
Thanks for the suggestions - I'll give them a try.
What I infer is that you are trying to install a newer version.
In that case, install the older version, then uninstall it and
then install it again. If I got it wrongly, please add a comment.


Re: Varun's answer - the version I am trying to install is the same one! It's included on the CDs that FFVII comes on.

I had no luck with DOS - running the setup executable simply booted Windows first, with the same message about the software already being installed.

No luck with Safe Mode, either - same message about configuration files showing that the software is already there.

I just can't fathom this at all. Just where else could information about the program be hidden?


    The answer to your question about where else the info for the program could be:  anywhere.  This is a tricky one.  Look at what Eidos had to say about that synthesizer:

Yamaha Software Synthesizer installation notes:  Also, if you are reinstalling the Yamaha Software Synthesizer, you MUST uninstall your current version first before reinstalling.

So there is no help from them.  I have a few suggestions that 'might' just work:

1)  Manually delete all the files in your temp directories.
2)  Uninstall your soundcard, reinstall, and try to install the Synthesizer.
3)  You need to have access to another computer for this:  Download a utility that will record every file add ons, and registry changes during the installation of a new program.  Once the utility is up and gaurding, install the synthesizer and use the install log from the utility to manually delete these changes in YOUR computer.  Such a utility can be found at


Use Easy Clean or  CleanSweep.

5) Reinstall (yuck) win 98 on a newly formatted drive.

I have one more suggestion:  I use cleansweep to keep track of all the changes to my system when installing a program and if the synthesizer program is small enough, you can email it to me and i will submit the install log for your use.  The program has to be small though!

I have two suggestions (long shots, howver) but it might just work.


I have tried doing what was suggested, and have installed the Yamaha software on another computer, then - using Easy Clean - I have checked all the files that have been installed.

All of them are those that the readme file that comes with the package suggest you remove if the "uninstall" program fails! Changes were also made to the System.ini and win.ini files, both of which I have checked on my own computer and appear to be clear of Yamahas file references.

So I uninstalled the software from the second machine, and looked to see what files had been removed or changed.

Changes had been made to a file called user.dat, which is connected with user profiles. I noticed that the word Yamaha appeared in the user.dat file for my profile (among all the binary gobbledegook), so I have reset my machine with no profiles at all, zipped the old user.dat and associated files (desktop, programs, etc) and rebooted to a "plain" machine. No luck.

A file called "Winit.ini" was created during uninstall which contained lines relating to the uninstalled drivers and libraries such as "NUL=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MMXSWP00.DLL". I copied this file to my own Windows directory, restarted and tried again - still no luck.

One thing I have noticed is that when I try to reinstall the program, it gets as far as creating a key in the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Yamaha. I believe that the next step is for it to show me the user's licence, and information to this effect appears to belong in this part of the registry.

This key and the two "sub-key" directories (Yamaha SoftSynthesizer and Ver 1.0-1US) are created every time, and if I delete them it makes no difference since they come back again even on an unsuccessful install.

The only other changes that I can see are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/windows/currentversion/controls folder. Here there are two long values for "Presentation Cache" which don't match those on my machine - but then I'm running Windows 98 and the other machine's still on 95. Quite what they mean I don't know.

This is all getting way beyond my knowledge of computing, and frankly I'm inclined to give up!

But if someone is still keen, I can send them the Easy Clean file showing the uninstalled files to see if they can make any sense of them!

(And no, I am not prepared to reformat my system!)

Go out to Yamaha's Web page - download the Demo version of their
Synth. Software. Then reinstall your real software on top of
that. It should view it as an upgrade.


I have already downloaded a different Yamaha software midi synthesizer, to see if that would run instead of the problem program.

I ran the install program, and got a message telling me that I had to uninstall the program files first. Needless to say, I couldn't uninstall them because I hadn't installed them yet!

I then went and got an earlier, demo version, of the software that comes with FFVII and tried installing it.

No surprises for guessing what happened - it told me to uninstall the software that I had previously downloaded and not been able to install.

And no, the midi synth that came with FFVII wouldn't install, either.

My next question is "do I laugh or cry"?

Perhaps someone can suggest another software synthesiser that will play the FFVII music? If I can find one that works I guess I'll have to accept that as an answer.


    Have you tried uninstalling your soundcard, boot up and cancel all the add new hardware messages, and then try to install the yamaha?  If not, give it a shot, it can't hurt.  And i don't think it is a good idea to try another synthesizer for the program because the yamaha was specifically made for that game.

One more thing, how about unistalling the game completely and reinstall the synthesiser along with the game.  It can't hurt at this point.


I've tried installing the software with the soundcard drivers removed, as well as uninstalling the game and installing the synth without the game present, and again after the game has been reinstalled.

The Yamaha installation is completely separate to the game's, and as a result I had the same answer when I tried to put it in.

And the removal of my sound card drivers didn't make any difference - the install program still told me I had to remove all trace of the synth, which I am certain I have done.


   Just reformat the freaking drive!  :)


Reformat? AGAIN? I'll consider it. Meanwhile, there's a problem that FFVII has started causing aggro in its own right. I may end up not being able to play the flamin' game anyway, midi music or not.


Reformat complete.
Soft synthesizer installed OK.
FFVII running normally.
Sanity restored!

A pity it had to come to this, but I believe that Dankh deserves a few points just for the hassle I've caused him!
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I'd still like to know if it could have been done WITHOUT a reformat...


   So would I.  :)
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