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Copying data from Access to Outlook

piggles asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-08
I have been endeavouring to place data from tables within Access into an Outlook contacts folder.  The process works OK, but it's the time it takes that bothers me.

I have about 20000 records to copy, so this should take about 6 hours.  When I first set the routine in motion the records are transferred at the rate of about one per second.  I leave the program running overnight, an no-one else is on the network.  When I return in the morning some 16 hours later it is only up to the letter K, and is transferring at the rate of one record every 1.5 minutes.

Is this because it is a flat file and must walk through all the records before adding a new one, or have I got something wrong?
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Hi Serg and MasseyM - thanks for replying.

I still have a major problem.  I take the point about memory management, but on looking at the amount of data which was actually processed, I find there were only just over 3000 records transferred when I stopped it at the letter K as outlined above.

Surely if the routine is going fast at the start it should continue at the same rate??  I did a re-run overnight last night on the server with virtually the same result.

The problem is now compounded by the fact that when a user in Access edits a record it takes up to 8 minutes to effect the change in Outlook!! (That's in the 3000 record table).  I transferred another Access table with 900 records to Outlook without any trouble, and editing that one from Access only takes about 10 seconds to make the changes in Outlook.

Any more ideas??

How do you transfer the table?

How do you transfer the table?


Hi TMiller - thanks for the reply.  I have a routine which creates a Contact in Outlook from the data in Access.  I use a For...Next loop to copy all the records from Access.

When the user edits a record in Access, the routine looks for the corresponding record in Outlook, deletes it, then replaces it with the new data.

For .. Next I assume you are using VB, or is it an MSAccess module (sorry, I'm not too familier with the MS' Visual stuff)?

I would like to do something similar (as far as connecting to Outlook is concerned), and so I would love to see the few lines of codes regarding the Outlook object creation.

Fooling around with it, I might find a solution to your problem.



Hi TMiller

If you'd like to give me your email address I'll send you the code

Thanks. adimiller@attmail.com
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