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Some errors with the DNS ?

mirek071497 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-15

I use Linux as the gateway and Win95 as working PC. I use masquerading to run more PC than I have IP's. But the problem is :
When I setup domain delphi....may site... than I can't access Delphi page on the Ex-Ex !!!! from win95. However I can access this page from the Linux. I don't know why and whats happened. What the horrible Win95 doing when I put url with delphi at the end ?
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If you used an existing real internet domain in your intranet, when your win box ask DNS to obtain the ip number to connect to, your box gets local ip numbers... If your linux  can access the page, I think that it is not using intranet domain or DNS to obtain ip numbers.

I think your painless solution is to use a proxy... and squid is the best... When you use a proxy, it takes care of name services and squid does it the best... You still can access any other service through masquerading... (any service not belonging to delphi domain ;-)

In any case you can proxy almost everything or use socks5...

Good luck


Unfortunatelly I have delphi.magsoft.com.pl. This domain can't exest anywhere on the net because I am the owner of magsoft.com.pl. If MS Windows parse the url from page "delphi" to the delphi.magsoft.com.pl I need to receive the delphi.magsoft.com.pl page ! But I dont receiving this.

Sorry for my english.
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "parse the url from page delphi" (I speak spanish so my english is not good enough), but if you don't use proxies, and you type http://delphi/some.html your M$Win will try to resolve "delphi" using DNS. In the properties of TCP/IP protocol you have given an IP number, default gateway and DNS server. You must also specify in the list of "search domains" (I don't have an M$ box to look at) magsoft.com.pl and anything you think may fit. And when you specify delphi, it will try to resolve:

1) delphi  -> will fail: no such domain
2) delphi.magsoft.com.pl  -> success and connect...

On the other hand, you may be using DHCP to assing IPs dinamically... But DHCP can be filled with this information also.

And last: you can use a file named /windows/hosts "ala" /etc/hosts...

Good Luck


Yes I know.
I have unknown error and this can be at ex-ex site.
Today I was set in My WIn95 primary DNS other than my and I can't access the delphi page from win, but at my linux lynx I can !!!! I don't have any idea why.
I use Msie 3.02 and masquerading on Linux side.

My dns is setup properly (i think) and I can reach this pages many many times. This happened 2 weeks ago for the first time and I can't acess this page now.
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I can't understand What you think when you remember me the settings of Win95 DNS.
However I can give you more info :
1.I can acess my delphi.magsoft.com.pl
2. I can't access https://www.experts-exchange.com/comp/lang/delphi/
3 I can access page from point 2 with this address : https://www.experts-exchange.com/browsing/comp/lang/delphi/
4. I can access this pages from my Linuxwithout problems.
5. I was try to setup DNS of my win95 to other machines.
6 I can't understand what's happened and how to solve this.
Ok... Let's try to diagnose it. I hope you have a working tcpdump on your linux box (it depends a lot on the kernel). Do the following:

tcpdump -s 128 -n -i eth0 host win_machine

and then try to connect. You'll see the exact description of the DNS requests. tcpdump man page explains the field meaning... This will help us to solve this problem...


I have a masquerade on linux so How can I use the tcpdump ?
when i wrote tcpdump -s 128 -n -i eth0:0 host then I receive nothing.
That's what I said previously, you need a WORKING tcpdump... try 2 things: remove "host" and remove ":0"... if you have nothing, we will need to search deeply...


Hi marcelofr - I just accept this answer but the problem was in ...


cache of Msie !!!!

cache was broken and when I was clear cache all works fine - so the problem was not in the dns. However you place me at good way so the points is your.


Why didn´t I realize that... I find this kind of problem daily and I didn´t ask you to clean your cache... Thanks anyway...
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