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Hi. downloaded winamp player. lots of songs on the newsgroups. they seem to be pages of files. how do i download those and turn them into music. thanks
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jcnorkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to download and install a FTP program (like WS_FTP or cute FTP) from a shareware site like  You will then have to enter the ip address and user name and password and the port to connect to (most of the time it is port 21).  Once you are connected you can transfer files from the FTP site on to your local hard drive and play them using winamp.  Don't worry if you don't connect the first time.  Many of these sites only allow limited logins at one time.  You may have to try a few times to get a spot.

Hope this helps.
what is the extension on the files in the newsgroup?

    I wish someone showed me where to get great MP3s when i first got into it.  However, i will let you in on a secret site.  This site by far is the best MP3 site (with hundreds of songs) i have seen.  And you can download directly from the site.\mp3guy

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