TR-4 Tape Backup Drives

Are there any utilities which will allow you to edit data directly on a tape BEFORE you restore it?
Bart van der WeeAsked:
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There is software out called direct tape that will allow you to read and write directly to tape by assigning the tape a drive letter. I do not know if this is what you want but the info is below.


Seagate Direct Tape Access extends storage capabilities beyond traditional backup applications


HEATHROW, Fla. -- February 10, 1997 -- Seagate Software, a leading provider of desktop storage management solutions, today announced the availability of Seagate Direct Tape Access, a versatile multi-purpose personal data management solution available for tape devices. Seagate Direct Tape Access is a fast, easy, and cost-effective storage solution that allows Windows 3.x and Windows 95 users to control vast amounts of data. Compatible with a wide range of tape devices, Seagate Direct Tape Access expands the uses of tape devices beyond the traditional backup applications without requiring additional investments in hardware.

"Increased demand for easy-to-access storage is being fueled by the growing use of digital video, audio and Internet multimedia downloads," said Nick Blozan, director of desktop product management, Seagate Software, Network and Storage Management Group. "Seagate Direct Tape Access enables multimedia and high-capacity file storage or transfer and copy of large files by providing users with seamless access to files on their tape drive. It allows the tape device to be viewed as a virtual extension of the hard drive."

With Seagate Direct Tape Access, users see the tape device as a logical drive letter from within Windows 95 Explorer, Windows 3.x File Manager or any other Windows application, similar to a hard drive or CD-ROM. Files and directories can be moved to and from the tape device with simple drag-and-drop operations. This means that large graphic or multimedia files can be accessed quickly.

In addition, Seagate Direct Tape Access supports the QIC-113 format, allowing the user to read and restore files created with Seagate Software storage solutions or other backup software within the operating system—eliminating the need to perform the restore function through backup software. Backup sessions appear as a directory of files, allowing the user to open a particular file or group of files from within the application or file manager.

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Other key features of Seagate Direct Tape Access include:

Appearance of tape drive as a mounted device within the file manager or Explorer, providing all the basic file management functions that are available throughout the operating system

Ability to drag-and-drop files and directories to and from the tape window to the hard disc or floppy window within the file manager or Explorer

Read and copy capability of the tape device outside of Windows under DOS

Multimedia files captured directly to tape

Plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of tape devices


Seagate Direct Tape Access is one product in a broad family of Seagate Software storage management solutions designed to protect and manage computer data at all levels of an organization from the desktop to the enterprise on all computing platforms.

Pricing and Availability

Seagate Direct Tape Access is currently available directly from Seagate Software for $79. It is also available through distributors and value-added resellers. It is currently bundled with many leading tape drives.

For more information about Seagate Software, Network and Storage Management Group, contact the Orlando area office at: 400 International Parkway, Heathrow, FL 32746; 1-800-327-2232; (407)531-7500; FAX (407)531-7730.

Seagate Software, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology, Inc., develops tools and applications in the areas of information management and infrastructure management, including network, systems and storage management. Its industry leading software solutions are developed as integral components of a total data management product strategy supporting all major operating environments. Seagate Software has established strategic relationships with Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cabletron and other industry leaders, and markets its products worldwide, through distributors, value-added resellers, systems integrators, retailers, and OEMs. Seagate Software's home page address on the World Wide Web is

For Further Information Contact:
Jan Jahosky (407) 531-7908

Stephanie Gerber (415) 638-3400
Wilson McHenry Company

Good Luck
Also brand new version is available look at link below.

This is the only such product out that I know about.
Bart van der WeeAuthor Commented:
I think this should do the job, thank you very much.
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