NT Service with Delphi 4

I have to implement an NT service with Delphi 4. The Classes TServiceApplication and TService are logic to me. The problem is that i do not know how to register the service within the NT (workstation or server) system.

Which is the instance that calls the Windows API functions CreateService, StartService and so on ?

When i start the application (TServiceApplication with one TService object) the events OnStart and OnExecute are never fired ? The application is running for about 15 secunds and than it stops.

Would be nice if you can help me !


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BlackManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can register the service by calling the EXE file with an INSTALL switch (and UNINSTALL if you want to uninstall it)

angererAuthor Commented:
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As far as I remember (I don't have my D4 around), you can register the service by calling the EXE file with an INSTALL switch (and UNINSTALL if you want to uninstall it)
If you don't get any other feedback, I'll check more on it when I return to my D4 tomorrow..
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I don't know much of these, sorry. The only thing I know is that there is a library which has combined all the needed API of NT. Here is the link : challenge.live-net.de/belcaf/shareware/ntset105.zip.

I also suggest you to look at Winsvc.pas file in the delphi\source\rtl\win . there should all functions be decribed.

Regards, Zif.

Let me know, if I can help you further. Be more specific in your Question (Maybe I can do a little research)
There is beautiful class TNTService which was written by some German guy. It implements all the framework of the NT service and affords one to make a service in 15 minutes. Unfortunately i don't remember where from i have downloaded that but if you care i might send it to you

The component you're refering to is the same as the library I proposed, see at : www.belcaf.com/products/english/ntset.html
or just www.belcaf.com
It's shareware....

angererAuthor Commented:
Dear BlackMan !

this is exactly the solution :-)

thank you very much

heh? Is this all we need? Great...
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