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Logging On To The Server For The First Time

John500 asked
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
1)  When I launch ISQL_w  from my Windows NT machine, there are no servers listed to connect to.  I recently had Windows NT and SQL Server 6.5 installed on my machine and now I'm trying to understand what to do.  Is there something I need to do before I launch ISQL_w so that the server exists?  

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just type in your server pole your machine name, in Login id : sa in password: password you provided till setup

Login I.D. sa
Password   ********


I'm not sure I understand you.  You said to type in your server pole/machine name. Where can this be obtained.  I know that if I were in Windows 95 I could type winipcfg in the Run box but this command isn't recognized from NT.

The other thing you said was to enter the "password you provided till setup."  What do you mean "till setup."  I'm assuming you mean the password I used to log onto NT?


I've increased the points by thirty because I was able to log on to the server but I'm still unable to access the server from Enterprise Manager.

From within the Server Manager window (within Enterprise Manager) the server I need is visible and has a green light but when I double click it I get a message that says "unable to log on to the server."

Any ideas why this is?  Once I access this server I wanted to create the database device etc...


I forgot to mention in the previous comment that the exact error message displayed is:

A connection could not be established with the server [SQL Server] Login failed

How could this be if the server is started?


In addition to the previous two comments, I have found the instructions for Adding a SQL Server Login.  This is required "Before a user can access an SQL Server..."

However, the instructions say that after selecting the appropriate server to then select the Manage menu and then Logins...

Although I have administrator privileges, when I select Logins... I get the same message stated above.


Requesting quicker response time!!  Thank you


Since the following statement is true and taken from the SQL's help file, why am I having the above difficulty when I am the SA?

The SA operates outside the protection system (SQL Server does not check permissions for the SA). The SA is also treated as the owner of whatever database he or she is using. Anyone who knows the SA's password can log on and act as the SA.
but are you sure to can run a sql query system such as ISQLw without a SQL server installed onto your machine????


I have an SQL Server installed on my machine.  I am also running Windows NT and have the SA rights.  

when you register in EM your server do you specify your password?
when you installed your sql server what account you specified as administrator?
when you run isqlw what login name u use?

You say you have a green light.  Do you also have a little red squiggly line just to right of the light?  This line tells if the database is connected or not.  Click the server legend button to see what the red squiggle line looks like.

It's possible you still need to register your server.  You can do this by right-clicking on the server icon in EM and selecting 'Register Server...'

Let us know what you find!



You were correct about registering the server.  I thought I did that but somehow I didn't.  Thanks.  The points are yours but I will need the option to grade.  Right now I can only comment.
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Hey mayhew,

How about looking at my other question titled:

Converting Data Elements From A Legacy System

I haven't been getting any responses to it!

I'll take a look at it.

BTW, that question is showing as locked (someone has proffered an answer).

Most people probably won't respond if they think the current expert has a chance at a favorable evaluation of his/her answer.

Just so you know.  :)
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