application Error

i am running access97 database  from windows NT .  however, for some reason it crashes all the time giving me a black little window with the following message:
"an application has occured in the program MSACCESS.exe crash information will be saved to the NOTES.RIP in
please report this crash to the vendor of the faulting application"
it normaly crashes, though, when you run a macro or code, even simple like opening a form.  also it won't let you create a new form either. please help
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KimDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an intermittant problem, with no clear cause. The error can occur when running both Access and VB and tends to occur less often when Notes is NOT running.

This isn't really an answer and doesn't deserve any points.
if you just use :
        docmd.OpenForm "Form1"
     then it crashes, the only one way to do is Uninstall and Reinstall the Microsoft Access 97 or may be MSOffice97 again.

islitsaAuthor Commented:
that is true but the reason i posted this question is because reinstalling office 97 is the last measure i am willing to take.  honestly, i am looking for the name of the dll file that may fix the thing. reinstalling office is not the BEST solution right now because i will have to shut down all the operations in the company for a while. but thanks anyways.
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First, try making a new MDB and importing all the object from the old one. 50/50 shot this will fix it. If not, in these cases, you invariably need to not only reinstall Office, I would clean out your registry and Office directory after you uninstall and before you reinstall.
You can also try repairing your database....    supposedly this helps for some problems.  
I have had things happen where I would get application errors on code that was fine.  The best way to deal with it is locate the line of code that is causing the crash comment it out and then save it.   Add some more code, insert lines and just change the layout of the lines of code.  I have found that after doing that I can usually put the line of code back in and it works like a charm.  If that doesn't work I would do what tomook suggested.
islitsaAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot for you'all's advices.  there's no particular code it crashes at.  it just crashes at any code. therefore, for me to "fix" the database, i'll have to delete all the code.
i tried to reinstall the office, but it wouldn't. it says that "accwiz.dll couldn't register properly".
so far i have done the following things:
1.uninstall the office and  manually deleted all the leftover files.
2. installed the office and after i gave me an error, i went and manually registered the dll with the registry. it still crashes.
please help!!! microsoft couldn't help
So if you comment out all of your code, then it works?

If so then if you then add one line in, it crashes?

I have never had that experience, I could always comment out all of my code and then comment line by line back in and it has always been the case that my application would generate the error on one line of code.

So now you don't even have access anymore, good grief.  All I can really offer at this point is reinstall windows and access....     are you using access 95 or 97?
Are you sure this isn't a security issue?  I'm looking at your original statement that you can't create a new form.  Are you having any problems running an action query?  You may not have update rights to some or all of your database or indeed to anything in its directory.
islitsaAuthor Commented:
well, i am thinking about formatting the harddrive. yes, that is how bad the stuff is.  
the problem with the commenting out the code is that there are about 4000 lines of code in the db and i am really pressed for time.
now security. i have administrative rights to the database and to my computer, therefore i strongly doubt a possibilty of security problem. however, you may be right. that's why when i was trying to reinstall office i logged in as our system adm. it still didn't work , though, he has 100% rights to everything in the company.
please help, i know it is a very unusual situation, but i am totally helpless. thanks
This has been happening to me regularlily since I upgraded to Lotus Notes V4.5.2. Prior to that I had never seen it before. It crashed more often when Notes is running but it happens even when Notes isn't running at all.

Access can crash on simple databases that have no code at all,  and this morning I've been using Visual Basic and it's crashed on me twice in an hour.

What version of Notes are you running? Does anyone think it may have something to do with Lotus Notes V4.5?

Umm... what's in the NOTES.RIP file after it crashes?
Below is the NOTES.RIP of one of this morning's crashes.  It's very long - I hope I'm not breaching any etiquette by posting all this.

  *          Quincy for Win32  Rev 1.50          *
  *  Copyright 1995-7, Lotus Development Corp.   *
  *             All rights reserved              *
  *          Abnormal Termination Report         *
Portions Copyright (C) 1985-1993 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

Please report this crash to the vendor of the faulting application:
 App: vb5.dbg (PID=0x3E)
 When: 8/13/1998 @ 11:54:3.518
 Exception number: C0000005 (access violation)
 Exception Flags = 0x00000000 (continuable)
 Notes Build: Release 4.5.2 (Intl)|26 June 1997            

State Dump for Thread ID 0x86

EAX: FFFFFFFF EBX: 00000000 ECX: 009E6008 EDX: 00000000 ESI: 2301050F EDI: FFFFFFFF
EIP: 00521240 ESP: 0012FCC8 EBP: 0012FCF0 IOPL: 0         nv up ei pl nz na pe nc
CS: 001B  SS: 0023  DS: 0023  ES: 0023  FS: 0038  GS: 0000             EFL: 00000202

---------- Code Disassembly ----------
function: <nosymbols>+0000
        0052121e 5e               pop     esi
        0052121f c20800           ret     0x8
        00521222 6a00             push    0x0
        00521224 ff1568154000     call    dword ptr [00401568]   ds:00401568=77e8b33a
        0052122a ebe3             jmp     0052120f
        0052122c 6a00             push    0x0
        0052122e ff1568154000     call    dword ptr [00401568]   ds:00401568=77e8b33a
        00521234 ebe7             jmp     0052121d
        00521236 8b0dec4a5800     mov     ecx,[00584aec]         ds:00584aec=009e6008
        0052123c 8b442404         mov     eax,[esp+0x4]          ss:0103e8e7=????????
FAULT ->00521240 8b44c1fc         mov     eax,[ecx+eax*8-0x4]    ds:00f0ec1e=????????
        00521244 c20400           ret     0x4
        00521247 837c240400       cmp    dword ptr [esp+0x4],0x0 ss:0103e8e7=????????
        0052124c 8b0dc04a5800     mov     ecx,[00584ac0]         ds:00584ac0=009b0b64
        00521252 7414             jz      00521268
        00521254 e8ded4efff       call    0041e737
        00521259 a1bc4a5800       mov     eax,[00584abc]         ds:00584abc=00fd00d0
        0052125e 50               push    eax
        0052125f ff152c154000     call    dword ptr [0040152c]   ds:0040152c=77e74694
        00521265 c20400           ret     0x4
        00521268 e84fd8efff       call    0041eabc
        0052126d ebf6             jmp     00521265

---------- Top of the Stack ----------
0012FCC8  00520E52 FFFFFFFF 00643AF0 00000000  |R.R......:d.....|
0012FCD8  00000000 01850005 00000001 00000016  |................|
0012FCE8  0000001D 00000032 0012FE28 0048DFCC  |....2...(.....H.|

---------- Stack Back Trace ----------
Stopped at 00521240 (0001:00120240 in vb5.dbg)  Base=0x00400000 RVA=0x00001000
0012FCF0  0012FE28 0048DFCC 00000013 00000004  |(.....H.........|
0012FD00  00643AF0 0012FE70 00000000 08670298  |.:d.p.........g.|
0012FD10  0200000A 0012FD24 00000000 00000020  |....$....... ...|
0012FD20  00000000 00000000 0012FD7C 0043AA71  |........|...q.C.|
0012FD30  009BDB4C 08670298 00000020 08670298  |L.....g. .....g.|
0012FD40  0012FD64 77E72106 0065FB18 0043A938  |d....!.w..e.8.C.|
0012FD50  00000001 00441456 009BDB4C 0012FDE4  |....V.D.L.......|
0012FD60  009BDB4C 009BDB78 77E711A0 0012FDE4  |L...x......w....|
0012FD70  00000000 0012FDA4 004190B4 00000000  |..........A.....|
0012FD80  00679E30 00000000 00000020 0012FDAC  |0.g..... .......|
0012FD90  77E711A0 00679E30 FFFFFFF0 00000001  |...w0.g.........|
0012FDA0  0012FE70 028100FE 00000003 0012FDE8  |p...............|
0012FDB0  77E71C5F 00679E30 FFFFFFF0 00000001  |_..w0.g.........|
0012FDC0  0012FE70 028100FE 00000003 00000018  |p...............|
0012FDD0  0012FDC0 00000020 0012FE70 028100FE  |.... ...p.......|
0012FDE0  00000003 0042A208 028100FE 0012FE70  |......B.....p...|
0012FDF0  0012FE74 00000000 0041E270 028100FE  |t.......p.A.....|
0012FE00  00000001 0042DBE8 028100FE 00B80010  |......B.........|
0012FE10  0012FE70 00000000 0042DA1F 00000000  |p.........B.....|
0012FE20  00000013 00000004 0012FE78 77E71250  |........x...P..w|

Called from 0048DFCC (0001:0008CFCC in vb5.dbg)  Base=0x00400000 RVA=0x00001000
0012FE28  0012FE78 77E71250 00FD00D0 00000200  |x...P..w........|
0012FE38  00000000 00040013 0012FE8C 32C91B0B  |...............2|
0012FE48  00B80018 00000000 77E71D3B 0012FE70  |........;..wp...|
0012FE58  00000001 0042D8E2 0012FE70 009B06C8  |......B.p.......|
0012FE68  FFFFFFFF 00000000 00FD00D0 00000200  |................|

Called from 77E71250 (0001:00000250 in dll\user32.dbg)  Base=0x77e70000 RVA=0x00001000

State Dump for Thread ID 0xA3

EAX: 00000000 EBX: 00000000 ECX: 00000101 EDX: 00000000 ESI: 00AFFF9C EDI: 77F8FE94
EIP: 77F677EF ESP: 00AFFF88 EBP: 00AFFFA4 IOPL: 0         nv up ei pl nz na po nc
CS: 001B  SS: 0023  DS: 0023  ES: 0023  FS: 0038  GS: 0000             EFL: 00000206

---------- Code Disassembly ----------
function: <nosymbols>+0000
        77f677cf c21000           ret     0x10
        77f677d2 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f677d4 b826000000       mov     eax,0x26
        77f677d9 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01a0eba7=????????
        77f677dd cd2e             int     2e
        77f677df c23400           ret     0x34
        77f677e2 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f677e4 b827000000       mov     eax,0x27
        77f677e9 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01a0eba7=????????
        77f677ed cd2e             int     2e
        77f677ef c20800           ret     0x8
        77f677f2 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f677f4 b828000000       mov     eax,0x28
        77f677f9 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01a0eba7=????????
        77f677fd cd2e             int     2e
        77f677ff c20400           ret     0x4
        77f67802 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f67804 b829000000       mov     eax,0x29
        77f67809 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01a0eba7=????????
        77f6780d cd2e             int     2e
        77f6780f c20400           ret     0x4
        77f67812 8bc0             mov     eax,eax

---------- Top of the Stack ----------
00AFFF88  77F1C80D 00000000 00AFFF9C 77F9B4D8  |...w...........w|
00AFFF98  00000000 FFF0BDC0 FFFFFFFF 00AFFFEC  |................|

---------- Stack Back Trace ----------
Stopped at 77F677EF (0001:000067EF in dll\ntdll.dbg)  Base=0x77f60000 RVA=0x00001000
00AFFFA4  00AFFFEC 77F1C7D6 00000064 00000000  |.......wd.......|
00AFFFB4  0FA61693 00000064 77F04F2C 00000000  |....d...,O.w....|
00AFFFC4  77F8FE94 77F9B4D8 00000000 77F9B4D8  |...w...w.......w|
00AFFFD4  00AFFFC4 0012FB78 FFFFFFFF 77F3B048  |....x.......H..w|
00AFFFE4  77F3D200 00000000 00000000 00000000  |...w............|

Called from 77F1C7D6 (0001:0001B7D6 in dll\kernel32.dbg)  Base=0x77f00000 RVA=0x00001000

State Dump for Thread ID 0x52

EAX: 7FFDC000 EBX: 00200418 ECX: 00150448 EDX: 00000000 ESI: 00000000 EDI: 00150448
EIP: 77F67E77 ESP: 00E3FE44 EBP: 00E3FF90 IOPL: 0         nv up ei pl nz na pe nc
CS: 001B  SS: 0023  DS: 0023  ES: 0023  FS: 0038  GS: 0000             EFL: 00000202

---------- Code Disassembly ----------
function: <nosymbols>+0000
        77f67e57 c20c00           ret     0xc
        77f67e5a 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f67e5c b88f000000       mov     eax,0x8f
        77f67e61 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01d4ea63=????????
        77f67e65 cd2e             int     2e
        77f67e67 c20800           ret     0x8
        77f67e6a 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f67e6c b890000000       mov     eax,0x90
        77f67e71 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01d4ea63=????????
        77f67e75 cd2e             int     2e
        77f67e77 c21000           ret     0x10
        77f67e7a 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f67e7c b891000000       mov     eax,0x91
        77f67e81 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01d4ea63=????????
        77f67e85 cd2e             int     2e
        77f67e87 c20800           ret     0x8
        77f67e8a 8bc0             mov     eax,eax
        77f67e8c b892000000       mov     eax,0x92
        77f67e91 8d542404         lea     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:01d4ea63=????????
        77f67e95 cd2e             int     2e
        77f67e97 c20800           ret     0x8
        77f67e9a 8bc0             mov     eax,eax

---------- Top of the Stack ----------
00E3FE44  77E16042 000000AC 00E3FF7C 00000000  |B`.w....|.......|
00E3FE54  0014C470 77BBD7F8 0014BCB4 00150538  |p......w....8...|
00E3FE64  65340000 00000002 00000000 00000002  |..4e............|
00E3FE74  65340000 00000001 6534C6AA 65340000  |..4e......4e..4e|
00E3FE84  00000002 00000000 00140C70 00140C78  |........p...x...|
00E3FE94  7FFDF000 001452A8 77F63D03 77C40000  |.....R...=.w...w|
00E3FEA4  00000002 00000000 00E3FF1C 00000000  |................|
00E3FEB4  77F611EC 77FA3560 77F611F2 00E3FF30  |...w`5.w...w0...|
00E3FEC4  77BBDC08 00150560 00000000 00000000  |...w`...........|
00E3FED4  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  |................|
00E3FEE4  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  |................|
00E3FEF4  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  |................|
00E3FF04  00E3FEC0 00000000 FFFFFFFF 77F8FE94  |...............w|
00E3FF14  77F9B0E8 FFFFFFFF 00000000 77F76233  |...w........3b.w|
00E3FF24  77F7623B 00E3FF30 00000001 00010017  |;b.w0...........|
00E3FF34  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  |................|
00E3FF44  00000000 00000000 8010A5F2 8014BB1C  |................|
00E3FF54  00000000 E17420A4 82FE6268 80149884  |..... t.hb......|
00E3FF64  E17420A4 805924BC 00E3FE68 00000000  |. t..$Y.h.......|
00E3FF74  007F00F2 00150770 00010001 00000002  |....p...........|
00E3FF84  00000041 0014C470 00000000 00003A98  |A...p........:..|

---------- Stack Back Trace ----------
Stopped at 77F67E77 (0001:00006E77 in dll\ntdll.dbg)  Base=0x77f60000 RVA=0x00001000
00E3FF90  00003A98 77E162F0 77E163E5 00150448  |.:...b.w.c.wH...|
00E3FFA0  00E3FFEC 77BBD7F8 00150560 00150560  |.......w`...`...|
00E3FFB0  77E1634E 00150538 77BBDC08 77F04F2C  |Nc.w8......w,O.w|
00E3FFC0  00150560 77BBD7F8 77BBDC08 00150560  |`......w...w`...|
00E3FFD0  77BBDC08 00E3FFC4 0012F9F4 FFFFFFFF  |...w............|
00E3FFE0  77F3B048 77F3D200 00000000 00000000  |H..w...w........|
00E3FFF0  00000000 77E16337 00150560 00000000  |....7c.w`.......|
00E40000  33A433A4 03F64000 00000001 00CFF994  |.3.3.@..........|

Called from 77E162F0 (0001:000052F0 in dll\rpcrt4.dbg)  Base=0x77e10000 RVA=0x00001000

----- System Information -----
 Computer Name: (snip)
 User Name: (snip)
 Number of Processors: 1
 Processor Type: Intel Pentium
 Windows Version: NT 4.0 (Build 1381)
 Current Build: 1381
 Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
 Registered Organization: (snip)
 Registered Owner: (snip)

----- Task List -----
 PID    Task Name
 0x0    Idle.exe
 0x2    System.exe
 0x17   smss.exe
 0x1F   csrss.exe
 0x25   WINLOGON.exe
 0x2B   SERVICES.exe
 0x2E   LSASS.exe
 0x49   SPOOLSS.exe
 0x4E   NDDEAGNT.exe
 0x54   EXPLORER.exe
 0x5E   ntguard.exe
 0x65   RPCSS.exe
 0x70   FINDFAST.exe
 0x74   OSA.exe
 0x87   EXTRA.exe
 0x95   APPNODE.exe
 0x2A   NTVDM.exe
 0x8F   MSACCESS.exe
 0x3E   VB5.exe
 0xB9   qnc.exe
 0x0    _Total.exe

----- Module List -----
     Loaded Address    Module Name
 (00400000 - 005CD000) vb5.dbg
 (04000000 - 0411D000) C:\WINNT\System32\msjet35.dll 07-11-97 03:00:00  Size: 1037312
 (04200000 - 04209000) msjter35.DBG
 (04470000 - 04501000) DAO350.dll
 (0F680000 - 0F697000) vb5db.dbg
 (0F6F0000 - 0F7ED000) D:\Program Files\DevStudio\VB\vb5ide.dll 01-24-97 00:00:00  Size:1020928
 (0FA60000 - 0FC17000) vba5.dbg
 (10000000 - 10021000) msjint35.DBG
 (212F0000 - 21321000) TabCtl32.dbg
 (230C0000 - 23145000) C:\WINNT\System32\DBGRID32.ocx 01-14-97 00:00:00  Size: 519680
 (306C0000 - 30A47000) mso97rt.dbg
 (5F810000 - 5F817000) dll\rpcltc1.dbg
 (65340000 - 653BC000) oleaut32.dbg
 (77720000 - 77731000) dll\mpr.dbg
 (777E0000 - 777ED000) dll\samlib.dbg
 (777F0000 - 777FC000) dll\ntlanman.dbg
 (77800000 - 7783A000) dll\netapi32.dbg
 (77840000 - 77849000) dll\NetRap.dbg
 (77850000 - 7788A000) dll\netui1.dbg
 (77890000 - 778A3000) dll\netui0.dbg
 (779D0000 - 779E5000) C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCRT40.dll 10-14-96 10:38:00  Size: 65024
 (77A40000 - 77A4C000) dll\ntshrui.dbg
 (77B20000 - 77BD2000) dll\ole32.dbg
 (77BF0000 - 77C3F000) dll\comctl32.dbg
 (77C40000 - 77D7C000) dll\shell32.dbg
 (77D80000 - 77DB2000) dll\comdlg32.dbg
 (77DC0000 - 77DFE000) dll\advapi32.dbg
 (77E10000 - 77E62000) dll\rpcrt4.dbg
 (77E70000 - 77EC4000) dll\user32.dbg
 (77ED0000 - 77EFC000) dll\gdi32.dbg
 (77F00000 - 77F5E000) dll\kernel32.dbg
 (77F60000 - 77FBC000) dll\ntdll.dbg
 (77FD0000 - 77FFA000) dll\winmm.dbg
 (78000000 - 78047000) msvcrt.dbg
 (780A0000 - 780B5000) C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCIRT.dll 09-26-97 17:36:54  Size: 70656

islitsaAuthor Commented:
kimd, my is somewhat similar to yours, only it is about 10 times longer, that's why i don't want to post it. i think you may be on the right track as far as lotus notes. people in my company use 4.1 version, i think. however, i am not sure if it is installed on my computer. i personally don't use it for sure. anyways, what do you think i can do about it?
Is is possible that the database file itself is corrupted. May be you should create a new file and import everything from the old one.
Also if you are formating your harddrive (bad eh) anyway why not create two partitions (with two OSs)  Put Lotus on one, Access on the other. I think it is even possible to prevent one copy of NT from seing the other if they are on different partition.
Sorry, I've got no idea what to do about it. I'm not even convinced that Notes is causing the may be just capturing the error better than Microsoft can.

Sorry it's taken so long to respond, I've been away skiing.

islitsaAuthor Commented:
kim , this question is out.but i am going to give you 60 points anyways, just write something as an answer so i can grade it. have fun skiing
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