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running xwindows

tommiller asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
i just loaded redhat 5.1 on a pc and can not get the xwindows to display the correct size screen, everything to big.
i have went through the xf86config a million times,ran superprobe and listed the exact info from my v.card and monitor,and changed the screen resolution from 640 to 1280 and all points in between but to no avail.please help.ps: i am a newbee so keep it simple thanx.tom
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Try Ctrl-Alt-+ to scroll through the available resolutions.  You could also try the other tools for configuring X, X configurator on Redhat and XF86Setup. What does it say in your XF86Config file under 'screen'
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I have the same problem.
Is it like your desktop is 4 times the size of the monitor?
Can you scroll around with a mouse or keystrokes and see other
portions of the screen?

I have the same problem.
Is it like your desktop is 4 times the size of the monitor?
Can you scroll around with a mouse or keystrokes and see other
portions of the screen?


thank you for your response,my only question is how do i find "screens" is there a manual that might help me find some of the basic steps (other than the red hat manual)i am very new to linux. i will look tomorrow at my system and then let you know if it worked.
the "alt/ctrl/+. does not work untill i load more monitor configurations, but i am having problems with xf86config not recognizing the resolution properties that i am setting up.
RHANSON: yes your description is exactly correct,and i did not enablethat feature in setup.         THANX TO YOU ALL

Let us know if you figure this out since i have the same problem.
Im goint to work on it this weekend.

in the /etc or /etc/X11 directory as ROOT and go to the bottom of the
screen, you will see 3 or so groups of listings, there you will see each
group has a MODES and a VIRTUAL line, delete the VIRTUAL line, and on the
MODES line make whatever you want the default resolution to be, the first

fixed it for me

Ron Hanson
Do this, run Xconfigurator gain, but when it gets to the video mode, select the Choose your own option.  This is where you select some of the other resolutions your video card supports. Once you have finished Xconfigurator you may have fixed your problem if Ctrl-Alt-+ changes modes for you.

I was dealing with this same problem since last night. The fastes way I found to fix my Xwindows troubles was to reinstall Linux, and make the right selections when you get the the Xwindow setup. I tried editing the Xconfig file with VI, but I found it not working the way I wanted when I got done.

Also, be sure you identify the correct video card, and amount of video Ram. The RAMDAC chip used must be identified correctly. If you use a generic driver, you get generic results.
I like the fact that I can use high res when I'm doing soem things, and low res when I'm doing other things.
The screen will scroll when you select a low resolution, or it will become many times larger so you can view many running applications in a seperate window. I think it works prety well. If I get the Netscape for Linux installed, and a good news reader and pop mail client, I won't want to go back to Win95, or WinNT.
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