Calculus source code?

I am a lecturer at a Technicon (more or less the same thing as a community college in the States) in South Africa, busy with a "intelligent" calculus program that'll not only give students the right answer, but actually show them where they have gone wrong. That's the theory, anyway.

What i need is the C++ code for doing the calculus. Although I suppose I can  write this myself, I don't want to re-invent the wheel. I don't need very advanced stuff - just basic differentiation, integration and first order differential equations.

Can somebody point me to a website or maybe a person(s) that has done this before?

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Answers2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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GNU Calc does this, and much, much more:-
willemnelAuthor Commented:
I've had a quick look at the website suggested by JYoungman, but I'm not quite sure that this is what I want. If I get no better options, I'll award the points to him.
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willemnelAuthor Commented:

The links you give all lead to COMPILED programs - no source code. Unless I'm missing something. Can anybody else help pleeeease?
Yikes... sorry about that... Glad I didn't post it as an answer!!!  Good Luck
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