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chkdir alike 3rd party util

Hi , I'm looking for a utility that reports me the total,free and used space per netware volume.
In a way that the chkdir command does.
Only problem with this program is that it doesn't support
unc names or mapped drives using the net use commands
on a windows nt machine.
i need this file badly because i need to create reports on space behaviour of our 10+ fileservers (so mapping is not longer possible due to the limited to 8 servers option in novell).

anyone ??

please no fancy 50 mb gui kinda stuff since it has to run unattended in a batchfile.
thnks eddie
1 Solution
You can make the batch file Map a drive to the first server & run Chkdir.

Then map to the second & run Chkdir.

Saar carmi.

EMail: saar@bigfoot.com
UIN: 3233305
evil_edAuthor Commented:
Hi Saar ..

Like i said, the map /chkdir commands are of no use simply because i need to get this info from 10 to 15 servers at a time without logging of from a single one.
we have this scheduler pc which runs several tasks on all servers so if i log off from one it will interfere with other tasks running on the same machine.
Been searching two days now and testing 50+ dir programsm they all have in common that they always give as free and total space a maximum amount of 1 gb instead of the 4 gb free and 16 gb total.

so for somebody else ..

is there a program that does support this in a manner i can use
(i tried the 4.11 commands but they don't support the net use mapped drives either)

regards eddie
I'm confused why you think you can't connect to more than 8 file servers at a time?  I, just two days ago, was running a program that distributed files to all servers in a given list.  I had licensed connections to over 80 file servers at one time.

The other problem you are dealing with is to read a volume and get directory or space information you HAVE to make a licensed connection to that server.  By your description, that would be impossible to do if you could only connect to 8 servers.

Hence, I would agree that SAAR had the correct answer.  Have you tried it?
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evil_edAuthor Commented:
Hi Calger ..

Well i would like to see how you connect to 80 servers (at least with our setup)
Novell 3.12 (so it's bindery) using for example syscon or files ... try to add number 9.
I can't get it to work over here using the novell stuff perhaps there's something i don't
know :).
But anyway i found something today 'GETQUOTA' from jrb utils can use an UNC path
and allows me to use all fileservers that i'm connected to (via nt i can connect to 15 servers but that's not what i wanted because most of the novell tools won't allow uncs.

And concerning the reading a volume you need to ....

Yes i agree , but if i'm connected through NT itsself why should i be bothered by using attach or map commands from novell.
Basically what is giving me such a hard time is that novell only accepts a Mapped drive using it's own map command, if you map a drive using the NET USE command novell sees it as a local drive and gives you a can't use chkdir on local device bla bla bla.
while this getquota does the trick for me so i don't really need any other tool for now
But still if someone hands me one he'll get the 150 times 4..

thanks for thinking with me guys :-)
When I say that I was connected to 80 file servers, that means by looking at my Netware Connections - it showed 80+ file servers where I was currently using a licensed connection.  Of course, I didn't have 80 drives mapped.  I was using UNC connections via the tool.

The other thing about it is... I'm confused regarding your comment about Netware 3.12.  Is this 3.1x you are using and trying to check the volumes on?
With Netware 4.x, you can use the NDIR /VOLUME command.
This will give you a summary including the info that you want.

evil_edAuthor Commented:
Hi Lpenrod

Thanks for your answer, however it was one of the things that i've tried already and what i found out was that it doesn't support unc paths/ net use mappings also.
It comes with a error saying something like 'no novell volume'

A friend of mine wrote a program already which works as supposed and also has a
limit that is not yet reached (thank god)   i'm currently on 24 gb without any problems.

so i'll go and ask if they can close this question since i already found a solution myself.
I appreciate the input of other people and it also shows me that there are no 2 setups the same.

BTW calger , it is 3.12 up to current novell patch level, and yes i can see all servers too
but try to login to 15 ones using fe syscon or filer.
I can't over here ...

Kind regards and thnx for you responses.. Eddie
One more place to check:
Eddie - I missed the whole 3.12 thing.  Yeah, you would have a problem with 80 file server connections with 3.1x.  My misunderstanding.
what is with chkvol?
I gather that you have multiple 3.12 servers that you want to check. and this solution is far from elegant. It will take time to perform this batch. Why not create the following in a very secure account and restrict it to a station.

Create a series of files named the various servers you want to check. In the file, put a single line with the password on it.

I dont know how many spare drive letters are available, so I am assuming that there is only 1 (L).

---- Batch File Idea ----
REM ## BATCH TO check multiple servers

attach server1/username < server1.txt
map L:=server1\sys:
chkdir L: >> outputfile
map rem L:
map L:=server1\vol1:
chkdir L: >> outputfile
logout server1

attach server2/username < server2.txt
map L:=server2\sys:
chkdir L: >> outputfile
map rem L:
map L:=server2\vol1:
chkdir L: >> outputfile
logout server2

REM ### continue
evil_edAuthor Commented:
Okay that does it :-) ..

I'll accept this one, even if it is of no use to me (no offense)  i have solved my own problem and have been to lazy to call this problem off ..

Dear Rj, the way you described it was the way it always worked prior the change to a new machine.

The reason why this doesn't work anymore :

We now have a scheduler pc which runs all kinds of batchjobs and other stuff, if i would logout from the first server other batches would also freeze because of the lost connection.
so now it has to stay connected to each of the servers and still have the ability
to check all volumes ...

So the idea was good, but it's not suitable (anymore) for my setup ..

Nevertheless ... good thinking :-)

I now have a batchfile which does not only report free space on all novell volumes but also  will it report free space on al winnt disks .

so i'm totally satisfied and my boss can give me my deserved raise :-)

kind regards eddie
evil_edAuthor Commented:
Ehm ... Ofcourse it's not the batchfile that matters but it's the program that checks for
free and used bytes on a volume.

A friend wrote it for me in delphi and it's called SDIR33 it's really neat..

bye now ... Eddie

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