Posted on 1998-08-07
Last Modified: 2010-04-15
I thought I gave you 200 points.
What happened ?
I typed in 200.
Was it because I checked one of the boxes as well ?
Question by:abcdef12
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Expert Comment

ID: 1251970
It looks like you graded both duneram and marvinm with a B,
which means they got 600 points each.
Checking their user information pages seems to confirm this.
Anyone who now buys those Previously Asked Questions will have to pay 20 points to see the answer, which is 10% of what you paid.

Author Comment

ID: 1251971
Hey Duneram,
Looks like I stuffed up with the points.
     Are you able to credit me with the 400 extra points I gave you by mistake,
     or are you falling off your chair right now with laughter?
LVL 84

Expert Comment

ID: 1251972
Your account should have been charged 200 for each of marvinm and duneram's questions.
If that's not what happened, then there has been some problem with EE's accounting which you may want to report.
marvinm and duneram would have received 200 points if you had graded their answers with 'D'
I hope that's not what you intended, since I don't think that would have been a very fair grade.
If you really thought their answers were poor, it would probably have been better to reject their answers and reopen the question to other experts, or to ask for more clarification on their answers before grading them.
Once a grade has been given there is no way for users to return the points.
If you need a refund, you will have to ask linda or one of the EE staff to do it by posting a question in the Customer Service topic area.
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Accepted Solution

linda101698 earned 0 total points
ID: 1251973
I'm not sure where you are getting the impression that 600 points were deducted from your account.  From all appearances the questions were posted for 200 points and are now in the previously asked questions for 10% of their original value which is 20 points.

Take a look at your customer account.  You can access it by clicking on your highlighted login at a question or going to the home page and clicking on "Your Info".  Your customer account lists all the questions you have asked or answered and gives you a summary of your points available.

Linda Gardner
Customer Service @ Experts Exchange

Expert Comment

ID: 1251974
I just saw this thread....  I just got back from an unscheduled holiday... I don't know what to make of it though.  Its probably a misunderstanding?

Expert Comment

ID: 1251975
I think we have cleared up the problem.  abcdef12 was not clear how the grading process worked.


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