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I thought I gave you 200 points.
What happened ?
I typed in 200.
Was it because I checked one of the boxes as well ?
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linda101698Connect With a Mentor Commented:
  I'm not sure where you are getting the impression that 600 points were deducted
   from your account.  From all appearances the questions were posted for 200
   points and are now in the previously asked questions for 10% of their original
   value which is 20 points.

   Take a look at your customer account.  You can access it by clicking on your
   highlighted login at a question or going to the home page and clicking on "Your
   Info".  Your customer account lists all the questions you have asked or answered
   and gives you a summary of your points available.

   Linda Gardner
   Customer Service @ Experts Exchange
abcdef12Author Commented:
Hey Marvinm,
Looks like I stuffed up with the points.
Are you able to credit me with the 400 extra points I gave you by mistake,
or are you falling off your chair right now with laughter?
I don't think you gave me an extra 400 points, but if would rather these points go to one of the other experts that commented on you question you'll get no argument from me. - mm
I think abcdef12 is confused about the grading process.  From what I can detemine without some additional information from abcdef12, everything worked as it should have on the questions he posted.

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