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Geocities' auto logo scroll, how?

generous asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-09

I am really surious as how Geocities get their logo to stay at the bottom of the page.  You all have seen it and i dont have a page bookmarked that has it (sorry).  How do they do that? Is it possible to use a menu set like this?

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I might have tried if today was not today. If u can provide me with the code that works on both browsers, I will reward u 223 pts (23 now and 200 from another account).  Deal?  If i am going to use this as my menu i really need it now, no time to figure it out myself.

Thanks.  Let me know what u wold like to do.

OK, I will do it.  I think that the code should be posted, however on the question which has 200 points simply because others can buy the answer for this for only 2 points, and it's a lot of work/complicated stuff which should be worth the 20 points to buy in the future.  So please post the other question, copying the question from this one, including something saying "for jbirk".  Then I will post the code into that one.  Then after you have evaluated and decided if it works for you, grade my answers.


P.S. It will only take me about 5 minutes to get the code posted for you, so as soon as you put it up I will have it for you, if time is an issue for you.

Also Keep in mind it is of course using layers and html 4 technology, so it will only work in 4.0 browsers.  In older browsers your logo will appear at the bottom of the page twice.

Oh by the way.  I'm curious what you mean by "menu set".  The thing that geocities does to pages with the logo that follows the page is called branding.


umm, i am not sure but didn't i say that i needed something for most browsers?  Either way i do so thanks for the insight!

The script which I said I could provide works on both netscape 4, and IE 4, but not the previous browsers.  It is not possible to have a brand on the previous browsers.  If you still wish for me to provide you with the code, you have to post that other question for 200 points.
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