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Icq online indicator

scottisme asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
How do you indicate whether a user is online within an html document.  Used for icq lists.
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you are going to have to send more information about what you are asking icq to do.. that way maybe I can help you.

ICQ provides a personal web page thingy which may be what you are asking for, I'm not sure.  You can find out about this at: http://wwp.mirabilis.com/ (note that it's wwp not www -->wierd)
If you are talking about just regular (newest version) icq then that should show you automatic, that is not a problem. If its :something else : give more info on what you want to do. :)
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thanx, that was just what i was looking for.
Now, i am wondering if there is a way to use a form to enter the information on my icq list.  I want it so that someone can fill out the form and they will be updated to the list.  I have seen this done before, so i know there is a way to do it.  Thank you.

Are you talking about the list on your webpage?  If so, you need to use a CGI script to do that....


yes, how do i do that?

Well, its pretty complicated....you need access to the server's perl program.  And you need either access to the server's CGI-BIN or at least be able to create your own CGI-BIN....after you find out if you have that....you need to go to some site that gives out free CGI scripts and find one that suits your needs.....
Here is a good site...


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