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chasethis asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-08
I've recently installed a new hard drive and loaded windows 95. Everything was going smoothly.

As soon as I installed the drivers for my Creative Labs Graphic Blaster Eclipse video card, I get an Windows Protection Error , Initialization VGARTD when I reboot.

I can only get into Windows in Safe Mode

Can anyone please help??
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Edited text of question

In safe mode, go into the control panel and remove the video card from the system.  Try rebooting and re-installing in regular windows mode.

I had a problem similar to that... for some reason every now and then Win95 would give me that error upon booting.  The only thing that fixed it for me was re-installing Win95, cuz once I did that it happend during the install and when I rebooted it gave me a message about what it tried doing and asked me if I wanted it to try it again in the future.  Which of course I said no.  My suggestion for you would is see if there are updated drivers for your video card or install generic drivers and go to Microsofts web site and get what ever updates you can find for Win95 and then re-install your video drivers.

Also in safe mode try removing the PNP bios under system.
I believe that this is and AGP driver.  Does your board have an AGP slot on it?  VIA board I'm guessing.  I also take it that your card is a PCI.  
Go into safe mode and rename the VGARTD to VGARTD.old and reboot.  Only do this if your video card is a PCI card.  Also, remember where the file is so you can go into DOS and put the name back to what it was if you have any real problems.

Try disabling video bios shadowing, and video bios cached in setup.
Also I thing the video card bios has an update available from SB. This fixes DirectX problems.
Is this the Verite 1000 based card? If so delete the SB driver and install a generic Verite 1000 driver.
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If you have another slot to put it in, move it there.  Boot into Safe Mode and go to REGEDIT (Go to START then RUN and tpe REGEDIT).  Select EDIT and SEARCH.  Find CREATIVE...deleted all strings related  to the card, than reboot.  This should get you back to square one.
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