Easy way to search database for a name

Posted on 1998-08-10
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
I'm using Delphi 3. Client/Server Suite.

1. I need answer to search database in the easy way / can you the Delphi expert help me!!!

2. Show me little code of using query with sql or paradox
Question by:vis

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There are many ways to search dataset for specific data.

1) Locate method
2) Lookup method
Locate finds the first row matching a specified set of criteria and moves the cursor
to that row.
Lookup returns values from the first row that matches a specified set of criteria,
but does not move the cursor to that row.

3) You can iterate through each record in the dataset and compare record with your criteria.

4) You can use Filter property to restrict dataset

5) You can use OnFilterRecord event to restrict dataset

6) You can use SQL and TQuery.
for example.
select * from customer where customer_name = 'Vladika'  :-)

maybe more ...


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vladika's number 6 answer is probably the more common approach.

At least that's the way I'd do it.  :)

Let us know if you need more detailed instructions.

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or number 7

SQL property//you should never use * for your field names...
Select customer_id, last_name, first_name  
from Customer
where customer_id = :customer_id//this could be a like...

Params property set to integer for customer_id

in code...

with qryCustomer do begin
  ParamByName('customer_id').AsInteger := MyValue;



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You can simply search the Ttable or Tquery Component to which the dbgrid is connected to.

Put a Dbgrid, TTable and a TDatasource on your form.
Connect  the dbgrid1 to the Datasource1 (dbgrid.datasource -property)
Connect the Datasource1 to Table1 (datasource.dataset-property)

Set TTable-databasename  and TTable-TabelName, and set
active to true.
Now put a Tedit control on the form and double-click it:
Then insert the folowwing  code:

procedure TForm1.Edit1Change(Sender: TObject);

If the Table is indexed you can also use findKey:


greeting daniel

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