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Kernel32.dll Question

BudVVeezer asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
Does anyone out there know where I can find documentation of kernel32.dll, user....etc?  I found LISTS of function calls, but no parameters for them, and no description.  If anyone could please point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Just a guess without verification but you may want to do a global find for some of those funcition calls on you machine, and I bet you will find at least their function names and parameters in files like Winuser.h (which is in my DevStudio\VC\include). Also, a neat tool included with MSVC++ is dumpbin.exe that you can use via command line to find out the IMPORTS or EXPORTS of any DLL/EXE. This would allow you to find out what functions the Kernel32.dll used, for instance.

Are you just looking for documentation for windows functions?

For that you want the windows SDK, MSDN,  or any development product that is distributed with the windows docs, like VC++, or BC.

Are you looking for informaiton on the windows internals?  for that see the Andrew Shulman "inside windows..." books.

What is it that you are hoping to learn/do?

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LoL, thanks xyu, yeah, you ALMOST have it right.  I just like to KNOW things.  Doesn't matter what it is.  All I'm hoping to do is learn how to do new things, ya know?  Like registering things to/from the task list, how do disable cntrl-alt-del.  Stuff like that.  But it's NOT for hacking purposes.  If ya know of any FREE material, it would be appreciated, for I am a POOR college student!  Thanks!


Actually the so called "hacking" sites are full of free resources (the old-fasioned hacker did it for the sake of knowledge).  Best place to start looking is the alt.hack* and alt.2600 hierarchies on usenet (warning: 99% of what you'll see is crap).

The "legit" sites include www.sysinternals.com and the various magazines (www.microsoft.com/msj, www.ddj.com, www.cuj.com)

Good luck !!!!
Buy Microsoft Visual C++, Borland (now called Inprise C++) or another programming tool.  These contain the documentation you need.

Also buy a good book on Windows programming.  Petzold's books give a concise introduction to Windows progrmaming in C, I recommend Jeff Prosise for MFC (a Microsoft library for making it easier to write Windows programs) & C++.  Neither of these books will teach you the C/C++ program language, so buy an introductory book on that too if you don't already know that.

Incidentally the functions in thesese modules (Kernel, user etc) are the famous Windows API (Application Programmer Interface) so if you hear about that it's the same thing!

Finally if you are completely new to programming I'd suggest you start with Microsoft Visual Basic which is easier to get started with.


I'm not that new to programming.  And I'm not talking about typical API calls either.  I'm asking for the not-so-run-of-the-mill function calls.  UNdocumented schtuff.  I have Microsoft Visual C++ V5, but it's not enough to sate my curiosity!

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(3) should have read:
.  For example USER is supposed to sit on top of the documented functions in GDI & KERNEL, and GDI on top of the documented functions in KERNEL.


That works for me!  =o)  Thanks for the info.  I was just perusing the kernel, user and gdi exports, and was coming across things like: ByeByeGDI and WinOldAppHackoMatic...any clues on WHAT these are for?  That's the kind of things I like to know about.  Do you know of any FREE docs, not books?

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