dexxa 4800 flatbed scanner worked fine on my 486 but now on my P200MMX TXPRO-1 motherboard nothing will work, i`ve looked at the bios but still nothing but a DEXXA32 ERROR.
scanner tested on other mc`s and is fine, just mine!!!!!!
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This is fairly common with pp scanners, texas is right about the port, set your port in bios to epp or ecp, if your driver dosn't see it try a new cable, if those two don't fix your problem, have your scanner tested on another machine.

Is it a scsi or a parallel port model? If scsi, what kind of card is it attached to?
The driver may be corrupt.  Try to reinstall it, or go here to download your driver: 
Let me know if you need more.

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lukensAuthor Commented:
i have been there and already tried that,
is it posible to be a graphics problem EG 32-bit pallete?

lukensAuthor Commented:
parallel port!!

Is your parallel port set to epp, ecp, or spp? Also check this on other computers that it has worked on. Ensure they are the same.
lukensAuthor Commented:
The Scanner works on a laptop (win 95) Fine and A Gateway 2000,
I will look at the epp settings but i think i have tried EPP & Noemal, I`ll give it a try, Thanks

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