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Is 98 a true 32 bit OS?

dankh asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28

    I believe i know the answer to this question, but i would like my belief to be confirmed.  Is Win 98 a true 32 bit OS like NT?  Or does it still retain the hybrid (32 and 16 bit) status of Win 95?  
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     I know it is true, but i still find it hard to believe that there are a lot of computers out there running 3.1!  I live in Silicon Valley and no one, i repeat, no one uses 3.1 around here.
And until MS makes Windows9x into true 32 bit, i don't think it is a product worth purchasing.
It is true and I also believe in it. MS wants you to get NT (and pay more) for a true 32 bit OS.

though  win98 is not a true 32 bit operating system the fat32 format is a real
improvement.insead of allocating 32kb chunks now it allocates 4kb chunks
and this does save a lot of space and speeds up the drive.

On the other hand, until everybody has migrated from DOS/Win3x to a Win16/32 hybrid, it's not practical (marketing wise) to alienate all those outmode users (and programmers)... just a thought.
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