Is 98 a true 32 bit OS?


    I believe i know the answer to this question, but i would like my belief to be confirmed.  Is Win 98 a true 32 bit OS like NT?  Or does it still retain the hybrid (32 and 16 bit) status of Win 95?  
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varun071898Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It still is a hybrid OS (combination of 32 bit and 16 bit)
Had it been not so it would have been much more simpler and would
not be able to run our old programs. (Programs which run on Win 3.11)
dankhAuthor Commented:

     I know it is true, but i still find it hard to believe that there are a lot of computers out there running 3.1!  I live in Silicon Valley and no one, i repeat, no one uses 3.1 around here.
And until MS makes Windows9x into true 32 bit, i don't think it is a product worth purchasing.
It is true and I also believe in it. MS wants you to get NT (and pay more) for a true 32 bit OS.
though  win98 is not a true 32 bit operating system the fat32 format is a real
improvement.insead of allocating 32kb chunks now it allocates 4kb chunks
and this does save a lot of space and speeds up the drive.
On the other hand, until everybody has migrated from DOS/Win3x to a Win16/32 hybrid, it's not practical (marketing wise) to alienate all those outmode users (and programmers)... just a thought.
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