URGENT - VB5 talking to IE Browser

I know how to write an app, in VB5, that contains the IE Browser component and interact with it.

What I would like to know is how can I interact with a browser or browser component that is owned by another application.  i.e. something that track what IE is doing at a given moment, or will display a message box when IE has completed a download etc.
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Thanks Steve.

Drop me a line at bernardfarrell@hotmail.com if you have a problem getting hold of this article.
There's a good article on monitoring IE 4.0 Events in the June 1998 issue of Microsoft Systems Journal(MSJ). Clearly this is aimed at Visual C++, but I think much of it can be done from VB5.

The source code for the article can be found at the MSJ web site:

The site only contains the start of the article, but you find a colleague who has the magazine itself.
I just glanced through this article and it does contain some VB code, so it looks like it will be of some use to you.
SteveWoodAuthor Commented:
could you submit your comment as a question so that I can let you have the points.  I think just pointing me in the right direction is worth it.  Thanks for a quick response.

you may "interact" with the MSIE (over ActiveX) or with the Netscape Navigator/Communicator (over DDE), but they will not RESPOND to your program, they do not have any EVENTS.

Therefore, use the MS Inet control at the same time you use the MSIE...

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