Unable to activate an Activex on the client side

Posted on 1998-08-12
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have developed an activeX control in VB-5.0 CCE but when i
put it up in my webpage,It works  fine if the client and the
server machines are the same but if the client machine is different the activex control does not show up.I am using a program called ACLIST downloaded  from net to get the classid of the activex control.
The code iam using for object tag in HTML is-
      CODEBASE="" >
</OBJECT>. I think the problem is somewhere in the classid please do help me soon.Thank you.
Question by:allen_r
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Accepted Solution

dr00py earned 120 total points
ID: 1845227
To enable the ActiveX Control, you have to create a remote installation (.cab) file
your codebase must then point to the location of the cab file.
The Cab file must contain all the files that your program uses.
You can create a cab file with the setup wizard.

Author Comment

ID: 1845228
I am still not able to see my activex control ont he client machine now iam using this code as you said-
<OBJECT ID="UserControl1" WIDTH=159 HEIGHT=78
I am using a PWS shipped with windows-95 is that the reason that it is not working.Can you please help me out of this.I would appreciate if you will explain step by step.I am using VB-5 CCE downloaded from net to make my activex controls.Do reply sooon..


Expert Comment

ID: 1845229
Did you create the cab file with the setup wizard ...
Also ... very important ...
I think that you didn't sign the code (ActiveX Author signture). If this is the reason .. Modify the security settings in your browser to low .. this way, you'll be able to install the control.

What happens when you try to view the file??
Do you get an error message??

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Author Comment

ID: 1845230
I made the cab file from the setup wizard only.This generates a sample Html file also.I tried to load that also but with no results.It does not give any error messages.It first as for other activex controls asks for download permission, when i click on yes it waits for some time and then there is no picture on the control palceholder.I tried changing the security settings to low then it waits for some time doing some processing on the activex and then shows nothing.

When the security is set to medium and it  asks "shall i install aCITVEX?".It also shows a samll message at the end which says authenticode signature not found.Is that what you mean by  author signature.If yes,How dou you sign it?I have been checking the safe for scripting check boxes in the setup wizard.

I think this is enough to clear my problem
Thank you

Author Comment

ID: 1845231
I  just do not get any errors at all.First the activex seems to be loading up but then when the processing is over there is no activex.The machine my server is on has IE-5 (trial ver) the other machine has IE-4(browser only).Has this got anytheing to do with it not showing up?

I have increased the points please do clear this soon.Thnks again...

Author Comment

ID: 1845232
The error log entry file in the client machines cache says this-
*** Code Download Log entry (14 Aug 1998 @ 19:43:11) ***
Code Download Error: (hr = 8007007e) The specified module could not be found.

Operation failed. Detailed Information:
     CLSID: {B638B4E1-3244-11D2-95A4-008048C2B001}
     Extension: (null)
     Type: (null)

LOG: Item PROJECT1.OCX being processed.
--- Detailed Error Log Follows ---
LOG: Item PROJECT1.OCX being processed.
LOG: Item MSSTKPRP.DLL being processed.
LOG: URL Download Complete: hrStatus:0, hrOSB:0, hrResponseHdr:8007007e, URL:(
ERR: INF Processing:  Failed (80004004) processing: ASYCFILT.DLL
 Cannot get primary/default language!LOG: URL Download Complete: hrStatus:0, hrOSB:80004004, hrResponseHdr:0, URL:(
LOG: Reporting Code Download Completion: (hr:8007007e, CLASSID: b638b4e1..., szCODE:(, MainType:(null), MainExt:(null))

hope this is enough for you to help me out.
thank you


Author Comment

ID: 1845233
I have increased the points too

Expert Comment

ID: 1845234
It seems to give an error on file ASYCFILT.DLL
Is this file available in your setup .cab or can you check if it is perhaps allready available on the Client machine (\winnt\system32)
As far as I can see, there must be a file missing in your cab file. These are the hardest errors to find ...

For more information on the signature, visit the microsoft site at:
There, click on the left at ActiveX Controls ... You'll find a lot of ActiveX information. You'll also find a topic "Signing & Marking" ... That's just what you are looking for ..

I shure hope that you'll find all you need over there ... Maybe you can find some additional information on how to solve your problem...

Good hunting, (I'll be looking for some additional info to..)

Author Comment

ID: 1845235
Thanks a lot for your help.In fact i have figured out the problem and now it is downloading and installing.But if you can answer this problem of mine i will give all the points.It is-
i want to implement something what do in terms of password protection.

As far as my knowledge goes an activex is involved but it is not an activex as activex are embedded on the HTML page whereas this pops up an windows  network password.Through an vb-5 activex how can you popup a user defined dialog box in the client machine.
Thank you.

Expert Comment

ID: 1845236
The password protection is not created with code. This is done by the Webserver.
When you setup the server (NT, ...) you have the ability to enable certain people to access the site. When you don't give access rights to everyone, a login screen will come-up.

As far as I know, there is no possibility to create a popup screen which is user-defined.

Author Comment

ID: 1845237
Do tell me as to how to exactly to setup such a server.Yhe complete info from the OS req to webserver to hardware requirements.

Expert Comment

ID: 1845238
I'm terribly sorry but I'm a Html/ASP expert ... Not a server-site expert...
At the office where I work, I'm responsible for the data wich reside on the server .. The server itself and the security part is done by a few of my collegues ...

I think it's best to check out the microsoft site .. I think you can find a complete answer over there.

We (my company) use a Pentium II 266Mhz, 512Mb RAM..
This server contains:
- Microsoft Windows NT server 4.0,
- Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 (Database server),
- Microsoft Internet Information Server (webserver),
- Microsoft Index Server (search facilities)
- Frontpage Server Extensions & ASP extensions ..

The server data is managed with Visual Interdev & Frontpage.
The ActiveX tools (only a few) are created with VB5 Enterprise.

I hope that this info can help you a little bit more And I'll try to find some additional info for you.


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