intel PII overdirve for PPRO system  can overclocking ?

Posted on 1998-08-12
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
Does it replace the old CPU or mount over the old CPU ?

I read install note and i think It replace the old CHIP , so why intel call it is overdrive ?
Question by:tong111797
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ID: 1122664
the Over Drive doesnt replace the CPU it works with the CPU u plave it on top and them it becomes a PII. It works togther.

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ID: 1122665
Why i can't see the installation about it ?


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ID: 1122666
HOw much does it cost ?
We can overclocking it ?

66x3.5 = 233Mhz  IF We use overdrive, how much speed we get ?
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ID: 1122667
It will make your pentium pro a PII. I think it give it somewhere aeround 300-350. bot sure

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ID: 1122668
Most overdrive is under 300$ but sometimes buying an overdrive can cost more than the chip

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ID: 1122669
I think that what say cn64 is wrong. The Intel Pentium II 'OverDrive' replace the CPU - the install note is right. If you use a 60MHz bus (Pentium Pro with 256K L2 cache/ 150 or 180  MHz) the P-II 'OverDrive' will clock at 5x60=300MHz. If you use a 66MHz bus (Pentium Pro with 256K or 512K L2 cache/ 166 or 200 MHz or Pentium Pro with 1024K(1M) L2 cache 200MHz) the P-II 'OverDrive' will clock at 5x66=333MHz. The L2 cache of the P-II 'OverDrive' clock at the core speed (300 or 333) like the Xeon. The P-II 'OverDrive' has 512K of L2 cache.It cost about 600$. If your motherboard support 75MHz or 83MHz bus you can overclock it to 375 or 415 MHz. For the P-II 'OverDrive' the best option is to buy the ABIT's Slot1 riser card wich allow use of Socket8 CPUs (e.g. PPro, PIIOver) in a Slot1
board. So you can benefit from low-cost Xeon chip and speed and all standart feautures that include the BX board itself. On a BX board with the riser card you can try to overclock it to 5x100=500MHz but the chances to run at that speed are very slow.
best wishes, bye!

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ID: 1122670
wow wow  thank you it very good answer..

DO u known what is PPRO-s  or MMX-s ?
what does it mean ? I saw it while booting...on some machine..


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ID: 1122671
I don't understan your comment completly....

PPRO is may be Pentium Pro(686,Socket8) and MMX - Pentium MMX(586,Socket7)

And about the OverDrive CPUs: There is no one OverDrive(and standart CPU) that is putted on top of other CPU, simply becouse no one CPU have pins on it to be a bet for another CPU. The first OverDrive can be the Cx486SLC/DLC - it replace the 386SX/DX on OLD motherboards. Then comes the Intel Pentium OverDrive 63,83 MHz wich place in the 487SX socket on 486 Motherboards. The 486 CPU is still in the Motherboard, but in another socket wich is disabled when pluged in the 487SX a Overdrive. Next come the Pentium Overdrive chips for P60/66/75/90/100/120/133/150/166/200 MHz upgrade. Witch this Overdrive (some versions include MMX) you pull out the old Pentium and put the overdrive in its place (the benefit is that you don't need to wory about voltage, cooling, ferquency ratios etc.) The last OverDrive is the PIIOver that I have described before.

Can you repeat your last comment with other words?

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