data sharing in Visual C++ 5.0

I have several dialog boxes in my project and I need to take amounts from one
   screen to another, will someone please tell me how to share the data between
   them.  I have already create variables for the edit boxes which I am trying to share
   data between.  The data I am trying to get is in CService2Dialog and I am trying
   to place it in CServiceDialog. Please tell me how to do this they easiest way.
   Thank You for the much need help!
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bogie2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This should work:

CService2Dialog dlg2;
CServiceDialog dlg;
dlg.m_myvar = dlg2.m_myvar;

Troy, delete this question.
If a 50 point question is considered easy, a 5 point question is probably so absurdly trivial that you know the answer the moment you ask it. So troy24, why do you think so many people insist on posting 5 point questions?  Perhaps experts should show a little personal pride and shun such questions, or are we so addicted to providing answers that we have no standards?  I'm not sure that I can think of a valid 5 point question; maybe "How do you correctly spel Mikrosofd?"

Troy24, the answer to your question IS Easy, however it IS NOT absurdly trivial.
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To share data between dialog boxes, you have to...

You post 5 point question, we post 5 point responses :-)
p.s.  Your points aren't limited.  You can BUY more points. That's how experts-exchange stays in business.

Bogie!!! Quit that... He's asked the question already.

However... ;) Your code won't work either.  You're creating two modal dialog boxes in your example.  The first one has to finish before the second DoModal will execute.

troy24Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 25
Bogie, You know, depending on exactly what he's trying to do, it just might work anyway.  If all he's trying to do is take data collected from the first dialog and close that first dialog and then open up the second dialog and transfer the data to it, then you are absolutely correct and have given the best answer.

Sorry for the previous comment.

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