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I tried to install MSN on my computer thet has WIN95. During installation I got a message that said to install my WIN95 Cd.  I did but the program that I needed to finish installing the MSN was not on the disk for one computer and the other computer said to use the disks that came with the computer.
1.The computer did not come with any disks and
2. I don't have any other CD's to use.

I can almost get a connection but it will not make the final connection.  what to do?  John If anyone wants to call me I can be reached at 909-825-7100  Thanks to anyone who can help!! PS I have Earthlink intalled and can connect fine with it.
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Microsoft has several technical issues with MSN if you check their Knowledge base.  You question is basically, "Can't connect to MSN" and may be far to general to help with here unless you've read the bulletins first and there ARE some specific to MSN problems that I have seen.  Check it out.
Does your computer have a c:\windows\options\cabs directory?..If so when you are prompted for the win95 cd...point it there.
Can U tell us what U have in your Network properties... is located in your Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network (double-click) the network icon.

Is there any protocol or anything that is describe in the "The following network components are installed:" list.??
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have u checked the Network properties yet? I would imagine the problem is in there..:) let us know...
If you don't have Windows\Options\Cabs, or some similar directory with the installation .cab file set, copy the Win95 directory from your CD-ROM to a new folder on your C drive.  Call it Cabs. or Win95Cabs, or use the Windows\Options\Cabs path, but when you're prompted for the CD, go there instead.
the disks it requests should be on your hard drive in C:\Windows\OPTIONS\CABS or somewhere like it
Mark AertsCommented:
Question: Does MSN still exist????

doesnt sound like john is listening anymore may have solved problem himself?    hello john?
If you can find the number it actually has to dial to get to msn, do this:
  double click my computer
  double click dial up networking
  see if there's a microsoft/msn icon in there, if not:
    double click make new connection
    enter MSN as computer name
    click on next
    enter number to dial
    select correct country code
    click next
    click finish
  double click the MSN/Microsoft icon
  enter your user name
  enter your password
  click on connect
  sit back and relax.

Hope this helps,


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