Video (vga) extension over 100'

I have to extend a video (vga -- text mode) signal to a distance of aprox 100 to 200 feet.  Keyboard and mouse are not necessary.  Anyone know of any currently available products that will do this?  There are a generation of things that will carry all these signals over Cat5 for 600', but not available (from Cybex) until Q1/99..  If you know of anything like this, please let me know!


Added:  I am looking for a product that will allow this without these standard vga length limitations.  Please re-read the question and try again.  Thanks.  
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dumbscottyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Scott

Try They claim to offer a worldwide service. They have lots of extension cables etc. and with one of their splitters you can move your monitor to 210m (approx. 700ft) away. At the web site, go to 'Product Info' then to 'Video' then  to '2-Channel VGA Booster'. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the document. The applicable product codes will be EVNPS05 (extension cable) and AC074AE-R2 (VGA booster).

Good luck
The edges of your text will become quite smeared and have ghosty repeats over this distance, as the capacitive and inductive effects of the cable attenuate the higher-frequency components of the video signal, and cause ringing.

Much better architecture if you can run an RS232/485 link to a small 'dumb' PC 200ft away which generates the text locally.
You can make a cable yourself, if you know how to handle a soldering iron.  What you need is a male and a female 15pin VGA connector, RG58 coaxial cable for the R, G and B signals,
RG174 (thinner version of RG58) for the H and V signals and some wires for the monitor ID lines (not always nessecary).

200ft can be done imho, VGA text mode does not have very high frequency components.

scdavisAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
scdavisAuthor Commented:
Whoops - I should have known to look at BB - Thanks for the tip!

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