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password Hack

Undertow asked
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Last Modified: 2008-03-06
We recently purchased a company that went bankrupt.  They had 6 CAD machines running off of a central server (and what a dinosaur it is).  When they went out of business, everyone went their separate way, and now, after the purchase, we can't access their drawing database on the server, because there is a boot password that we have no idea what it is.  Is there any way to hack or reset the password so that we can access the database for their drawings?  There is nothing illegal here.  Everything belongs to us.  The machine manufacturer told us that they couldn't get in.  They cracked the BIOS (?) password, but after that, they said we're SOL.  I don't think so.  HELP!  This is a real dinosaur.  I'd say, later 80's machine.  I have no idea the make, model, specs, etc., so any input is most desired.  Thanks!
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I need further information.

When you power it on, is there anything on the screen at all?
That is, are you prompted for a login?  If there is any
text before the login prompt,what is it?

Are there any logos on the machine -- any indicator of
manufacaturer?  Serial/model plate on the back?

 if it is a BIOS password you need to open the computer case and remove then put it back the pin(usually J6-7) that connects battery with BIOS(actually this happens in most of the computers). By removing the the pin and putting it back the computer will forget the boot password but the problem stands at the fact if they made other changes in the machine hardware which are not recognized by the default BIOS. See what vendor the machine is and ask the vendor which pin should be removed. My best bet is for you to call those guys who owned that computer and ask them for everything.

Good Luck ...


The machine (upon further review) is a Digital ApplicationDEC 433MP.  Model PS10A-A9, March 1991.  After the boot process (about 30 minutes worth) it says


Welcome to SCO Open Desktop


Alma is the name of the company it used to belong to, I believe. . .

After a timeout on the login, there is this error message:
WARNING: aha: No controller response : 3    

There is no way of tracking the people that used to use this machine/system.  All employee records to my knowledge have been discarded.  Hope this helps.
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