ASP/ADO bug with SQLserver

Im creating a recordset from ASP with the following query (the recorset type is forward only, no lock, textual command);

SELECT *  FROM core WHERE empvis != null AND eNews=1

eNews is a bit datatype and empvis is datetime (with nulls) . When I run it from ASP, it returns nothing, yet running from the SQL tool in Enterprise manager it returns lots (what I want). If I remove the eNews=1 bit then I do get data returned via ASP. Is this an ADO bug - any workarounds?

Matthew Allum
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mitekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Of course, it will return nothing. It's not a bug in ASP/ADO, but a bug in the query.
Instead of writing
SELECT *  FROM core WHERE empvis != null AND eNews=1 ,
SELECT *  FROM core WHERE empvis IS NOT null AND eNews=1

Your query is not supposed to return anything, because any comparison ( =, !=, >, <) to null will render FALSE value.
Thus, the whole expression is false and no rows are selected.
what r the results of the qry
r they correct?
matthewallumAuthor Commented:
matthewallumAuthor Commented:
Thanks ! makes sense now and works ;)
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