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BASE HREF, Browser URL, and JS Problems!

ljaques asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-17
I registered a domain name with Internic and it reads: mydomain.com.  I hooked up with an IPP to provide hosting services for my website.

My webpages make use of Javascript, specifically, it uses: DOCUMENT[grfx].src  to change one graphic to another.  It contains a relative URL call to fetch the graphic images. ie. DOCUMENT[grfx].src="p/pic10.jpg".  In the HTML code I placed the following in the <HEAD area: <BASE HREF="mydomain.com">.

Now when I access my webpage with the URL "mydomain.com" (from within a browser) it naturally calls up my site and I can naviagte thru it as expected.  But when I use the URL "www.mydomain.com" it does call up my site but when I navigate thru it I get the error message:
Javascript error: http://www.mydomain.com/top.shtml at line 33

Access disallowed from scripts at http://www.mydomain.com/top.shtml to documents at another domain.

What is going on here?  I thought both URLs are the same, that is, they point to the same IP #.  Does JS have a serious flaw or what?  Is there a solution to such a problem?

I want to have users of my site to access it with either WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM or simply MYDOMAIN.COM.

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Is your site really mydomain.com, or can you give an actual pointer to it so we can look at the code?
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Mplungjan, I set the document.domain as you said but it brought up the error message: Illegal document.domain value mydomain.com

Any solutions?

Michel PlungjanIT Expert
Top Expert 2009

The page MUST then be loaded from a site who's domain ends in mydomain.com.
The browser will only allow you to set the domain to the actual domain. Did you perhaps try it from your harddisk?

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