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Photoshop Mac to IBM JPEG steps?

tevia asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
How should a Mac user save a JPG & email it, so I can see it on my Win3.1 machine?

Currently, we are saving it at 72 dpi RGB, JPG, Baseline Optimization.

Right now IExplorer can not open the file. Even if I save it and rename with with JPG ext. So I downloaded a shareware JPG viewer. It opens the file but displays nothing.

Someone told me the Mac may be saving the Thumbnail, and that may be causing a problem... I have no idea.

Any suggestions welcome!
Thanks, T.
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The Mac is using a brand new version of Photoshop. I do not know what as I am the PC user.

I am using Internet Explorer 3.0 to view the supposed JPEG created on the above Mac.

What do you mean Mac Binary? Is JPEG not a cross platform format? Is the Mac supposed to save the JPEG with some Mac Binary setting? Is that a Photoshop option? Thanks, Tevia

JPG is a universal format.  It reallys doesn't matter if you are using mac, PC, Linux, Unix, or whatever.  Have you made sure the file isn't corrupted, or just didn't save right?  Try saving into a totally different directory.  It sounds stupid, but I've heard stranger things.  You need to make sure that you are actually saving a .JPG, not something that is just named as a .JPG.  


Do you know the specific Macintosh Photoshop settings and or defaults to set when creating and saving a JPEG that will be emailed to either an IBM user or placed in html for a web page? Must the image be saved without the thumbnail? I've read about a header record that may cause problems.

what exactly have you tried?  All you have to do is save a copy as a .jpg and use Baseline Standard.  Are you sure you are actually saving it as a .JPG, and not just giving it the .jpg extension?  You have to actually save out as the .JPG compression.

Had you checked the settings of the e-mail?
In the file transfer protocol, you should choose base 64.
Just change it and try to send the jpg again.

have you checked out the color mode?  I found out by accident the other day that if the color mode is in CMYK, IE is going to say "can't find it" or "it sucks, wont' show it to you"  so make sure the color mode is in RGB, or indexed color for that matter.  But if it's in CMYK, it's not going to work.  Netscape will view the image, but poorly.


Thanks for your continued help. Color was RGB already. I still can't view, even from other mac's. Any graphic sent from a Mac comes into my IE with an extension of SIT.
I'm giving up. Thanks ya'll.

you are manually giving it the proper file extension as you save it out as a .jpg, right?  Like, actually naming it "bob.jpg" as opposed to just "bob"....
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