My computer only detect 72mb ram (i have 80mb)

I have 80 mb RAM but when I boot up my computer, my computer only detect 72 mb. Win NT also detect 72 mb ram too. How can I fix this?

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CoolerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This may sound be too obvious, but the first thing to check is whether you have a faulty
8Mb SIMM - they are easily damaged by static electricity - this to me seems to be the most likely cause of your problem.  Or maybe it is not seated properly.
Your motherboard only supports up to 72 MB of Ram. Check with the manufacturer of your board for confirmation but i can guarantee this is the problem.
can you give us more info about your system and ram did you install 64 mb  and 16
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untitledAuthor Commented:
I have checked my mother board manual and it said that it supports up to 128 mb.

I install 16 mb (2 x 8mb) and 64 mb (2 x 32 mb). Both are EDO

Check your Bios if there is statement "realocate memory" or something in that way.
Older Bios versions of Award and Ami did have these features and used some ram in order to configure ISA-Cards. This ram segments were only accessable by the isa cards. In order to get this memory you had to change the statemen in the bios which said "realocate memory = false". You must turn this to true.
To make a precise statement i need to know which kind of motherboard you have and which date your bios-revision has. CPU type would be of interest as well.

 Take a look at this MS doc about this known problem:

Reported Memory Does Not Match Amount of Installed Memory
Last reviewed: July 28, 1998
Article ID: Q146912
untitledAuthor Commented:
I think this is not ms problem cause my computer detects only 72 mb when I boot my computer (not after I use win nt).

andre_hackman:  could you describe to me more?

"In order to get this memory you had to change the statemen in the bios which
 said "realocate memory = false". You must turn this to true."

How to change this statement?

  Your statement didn't make any sense to me.  I think you are misreading the MS doc.  You should really read it carefully.
untitledAuthor Commented:
No, I think I didn't misread the MS doc.

MS doc said that this problem applies to Win 95/98, and I am using Win NT. It also said that the symptoms is:

When I view the Performance tab in System properties, the amount of memory reported may differ from the actual amount of memory installed in the computer.

Well, this is not the case for my problem. My problem is that my computer detects different amount of memory when I boot my computer.

Cooler: Your answer might make sense, but I haven't tried it yet.. I will check it later.

  think bios upgrade.
untitledAuthor Commented:
sorry for wasting all your time.. I have fixed the problem and it was my own fault. My old system was 8mb ram + 16 mb ram, then I bought new 32 mb ram to replace the 8mb ram. However, I made a very stupid mistake. I removed 16 mb ram instead of 8 mb ram.
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