VB5 Flexgrid: Dblclk:Rowhighlighting Off

I am using msFlexgrid(VB5) and rowhighligh selection mode is selected. When I single click its of. When I use doubleclick and run some code, the row becomes unhighlighted. I want it to remain highlighted even when the set focus is on some other field.
Any suggestion.
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BhargavaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check if it helps by setting the MergeCells property of the grid to 0-Never
By 'some other field' I assume you mean another control.
Maker sure the Highlight property of the MSFlexGrid is set to 1 - Always

devesh032698Author Commented:
I am afraid, The Rowhighlight property is already set to 1-Always. It does not solve the problem.
Any further suggestion please
Set the    FocusRect: 0 - flexFocusNone

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