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Status bar for a ftp download

kingjp asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
I am creating an app. that dial up using RAS, then ftps a file and disconnects.  I am looking for code that will ftp and give the status of the download as it is downloading.  Something like a % complete bar or something to that effect.  Please Help!!!!
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Do you want to know anything else about the control?  Anything?


Using the Inet1 control I was able to make the ftp happen.  I used its properties to find when the job was connecting, connected, recieving/sending information, disconnecting, and if I got an error it returned the error message.  These things are good enough to get me going for now.  I would still like to have a % complete bar, but that is something I will have to work on.

What you would have to do is be able to know how much of the file you have recieved.  This would be basic math take the total amount of the file recieved so far, divide it by the total file size and you have your percentage.


Yes, but how do I find out the file size and how much that I have downloaded so far???

That is where the ftp control that comes with VB is kind of limited, other controls can get this type of information for you. That is why I recommend switching.
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