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TabStrip Control

Gutter asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
How do you disable a tab on a VB Tabstrip control so
that it is visible still, but grayed out.  The reason is so
that it is viewed as a future option in development.
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As I know, You just have to disable all the controls in that tab.

I'm sorry, but this cannot be done with the tab strip.

I might suggest you look into purchasing VSOCX from Videosoft (www.videosoft.com)

I submit this as a comment.  If you find that I am right, let me know and I'll resubmit it as an answer.
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I have just reread your question, and to maybe help a little bit more;

                                      (TAB 0)          (TAB 1)     (TAB 2)       (TAB 3)
If you have 4 Tabs, ie:    Customer Info  |  Pricing  |  Shipping  |  Notes

But you don't have any information as of yet for SHIPPING, but all other options are available simple add the following

Global Previous_Tab = 0
Private Sub SSTab1_Click(PreviousTab As Integer)
        If SSTab1.Tab = 2 Then
            ' This Tab is not Available YET, Set Tab to the Currently Visible Position.
            SSTab1.Tab = Previous_Tab
            ' This will hold the Tab reference of the currently visible TAB!
            Previous_Tab = SSTab1.Tab
        End If
End Sub

This is a nice idea, but it doesn't actually disable (grey out) the tab.  The user will just click the tab and wonder why nothing is happening.
jonder solution works for SSTab control, not for TabStrip control.
If you use SSTab control, the easiest way is to use:
Sstab1.tabEnabled(index) = false

I don't konw a solution for TabStrip control
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