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Installing Linux with existing WIN98 OS

tgbekele asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I am trying to install Linux 5.1 on a 5.0 gig disk space, of which WIN 95 has taken up all 100% partition. I know I have 83 % available space, but am unable to set up my Linux partitions - getting message "Not enought disk space"
I am using Disk Druid to run the install, per manual.
How can I do this without having to delete the WIN95 partition?
And if I do have to do that, what are the step by step procedures I need to take to make sure I can recover the WIN95 partition?
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In the dosutils directory of your distribution, you'll find "fips" which will let you do what you want. READ CAREFOULLY the documentation and enjoy...

Good Luck


Would I need to run 'fips' prior to running the Linux install?
How will it know what size to shrink the partition ?
It's in the docs... basically (if you trust me and my memory ;-) you should free enough disk and defrag your win partition, then run fips (form DOS) and it will let you shrink the partition (using up and down arrows)... Then you can start installation as if you had reserved some space for Linux...

Good Luck


Will the dosutils' 'fips' allow me to go back and partition the harddrive for Linux making sure I can still reboot my pc with all my Windows 98 applications, and of course the option of booting up Linux. I don't seem to have any documentation on the 'fips' utility - that is why I feel like I am doing this in the dark ...
Thank you for previous response - it helped direct me in a positive direction.
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Thank you  for your patience Marcelofr!

Does this work if the partition is FAT32X,


I was able to install it successfully, WITHOUT X-windows. My pc, a Gateway G6 300 series has ait's video and sound cards built in to the motherboard, and there is no drive available at present that will support X-windows.
But to do the partition, I found that using Partition Magic was quite helpful and easy.


In conjunction with this question - does anyone know if the new 5.2 Linux has the necessary drivers to allow me to run X-windows. The video card is aparently built in to the motherboard, and is an MPACT product, by Chromatic Research. As mentioned earlier, this is the one built for the Gateway G6-300 series PCs.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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