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I can't browse a server!

johnsm asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I am trying to browse an NT server that has the same basic configuration as my other nt servers. However when I try to browse this one it says;

"the server \\server1 does not accept remote requests"

I on the same domain, same subnet, same everything.

also when I try to browse it it gives me an "Error (1208)"

Anyone know what that is?

p.s. the browser service is set up on it and configured just like the other NT servers that I can browse.

It has NWlink netbios, NWlink IPX/SXP compatible protocol, and TCP/IP

I am on a 95 machine logged into a netware server.
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Make sure the server service is running on the NT Server.


It is running.

Make sure you have given the appropriate rights to everyone.
Go to User manager on the Server.  Choose, Policies+User Rights.
Choose Adv. rigts at the bottom and choose Access this computer from the network right from the list box.  
Make sure Everyone has this right.  
Good luck..
Ps: Also make sure you have the Computer Browser and Net Logon services running.

Can you ping to the server?

Are you using wins and dhcp?  Error 1208 is somehow with jet wins or dhcp databases. Let me know if your are.


Thanks for your suggestions, but I found the problem. I had to change the setting on the IPX/SPX compatible protocol under frame type from 'auto' to 'manual' and then set it to 802.2. I don't know why auto wouldn't work but it works now.

Auto tends to be good only if the server receives all of it's traffic as a particular typ. You have both types of traffic on you network and therefore if it gets a 802.3 packet first it may stick with that type and not recieve both. Auto means it will auto select which packet to use, not switch from one to the other or recieve both. You need manual to specify one or more types.


Sorry colski,

If you look at the comment right above your answer. I already solved my problem. I have asked to have the message removed but my request has not been honored yet.

Thanks anyway.

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